Federal and State governments have Medicare and Medicaid health insurance choice accessible for all people. These plans provide you complete health care free or at reduced rates. Most of the people who are entitled for these health programs would be uninsured. Both the plans differ in what they have paid for and who are entitled.


Medicaid gets limited financial assistance from the federal government but is mainly paid by every state. They lay down their own eligibility conditions. These health state programs assist those people who have restricted resources and income for health care payments and they have diverse names for their individual programs such as in Tennessee Medicaid is known as Tenncare and in California the program is known as Medi-Cal. People who are part of this program need to pay the initial expenses for health care. The Entitlement for Medicaid program mainly depends on certain criteria such as property holdings, citizen status, income, bank balances and savings, blind, senior citizens, disabled, pregnancy and living in a sanatorium status etc. In order to get application for this program you need to contact the local state Medicaid office.


Medicare is a federal government supported health insurance scheme. This scheme helps people to pay medical expenses related to injury or sickness. The general people who are entitled for this Medicare program are people who are suffering from disabilities, kidney disease and who are above the age of 64. Basically it is separated into different types of treatment and each cover has its own entitlement criteria and monthly premium for every coverage is very low.

Part A: Hospital insurance- it helps you to pay rest home and health services, hospital admission.

Part B: Medical insurance- this insurance helps you to pay for services, provisions and doctors not covered in Part A and you are charged monthly fees for it.

Part C: Medicare Advantage- offers you Part B and A services by private insurance companies. One has to pay monthly fee for Part C and it is quite economical than Part B and A put together.

Part D: Prescription drug insurance- this insurance helps you to pay for drugs and along with that you need to pay part of the prescription and monthly charges.

To avail benefits of this scheme one has to be over 65 tears of age or should have disability for more than two years or be suffering from kidney related disease. However people become eligible for Medicare part B and A automatically on attaining 65 years of age and start getting

Social Security Benefits.