A Brief History of 3 Centenary Celebrating States on 2012 Stamps

2012 postage stamps celebrating statehood Louisiana New Mexico and ArizonaArizona, Louisiana and New Mexico are the 3 States Celebrating Centenaries in 2012. Each has had a unique postage stamp issued to celebrate the occasion. For a long time now, the USPS has issued stamps to coincide with a State’s birthday, be it 50, 100, 150 or 200 years old (in Statehood terms). Both Arizona and New Mexico have reached the 100 year milestone and Louisiana has its 200 year Birthday. The stamps are great keepsakes, especially if you live in the state or were born in the state that is celebrating a birthday. Some philatelists young or old, from home or abroad collect them all and there are more than 75 stamps issued so far, with new ones adding to the collection every year. This particular series from the USPS is called the Statehood Series. As a stamp collector I like the Louisiana stamp the best from the 2012 forever stamp issues.

Brief Louisiana History, Statehood and Famous Sons and Daughters

The Louisiana Statehood Postage Stamp celebrates 200 years (bicentennial) of this state, often referred to as the ‘Pelican State’ as the brown pelican is native to Louisiana.  It is a multicultural state and had many influences including ownership by the Spanish, French and British before statehood.  Because of the French influence (a French explorer named the area La Louisianne after a French King) the special holiday in Louisiana is the Mardi Gras, celebrated in the largest city of New Orleans every year. The stamp image is of Flat Lake,  Louisiana is home to one of the biggest river swamps in the United States which contains many protected species and some very dangerous ones too. Several large Flat Lake bayous, of at least 15 miles long, can be discovered and explored as well as many smaller bayous. Louisiana, a state rich in natural gas and petroleum, has a huge seafood industry. Louisiana has just below 5 million residents, some of the more famous ones are Fats Domino, Jelly Roll Morton, Jerry Lee Lewis, Dorothy Lamour and Truman Capote.

Brief Arizona History, Statehood and Famous Sons and Daughters

The Arizona Statehood Postage Stamp celebrates 100 years (centennial) of this state and Arizona is famously referred to as ‘The Grand Canyon State’. This is its most famous feature it is depicted on the postage stamp. Copper mining is one natural source of wealth but other mining and a degree of agriculture farming with cattle and other dairy products provide the basic economies of the state. Some 25% of the state is given over to Indian reservations. The Hispanic community accounts for 1 in every 3 people living in Arizona. In total, Arizona has over 6 million people resident; some of the more famous ones are Linda Ronstadt, Lynda Carter, Rex Allen as well as Geronimo and Cochise, the Apache Indian Chiefs.

Brief  New Mexico History, Statehood and Famous Sons and Daughters

The New Mexico Statehood Postage Stamp also celebrates 100 years existence of this state. The flower of New Mexico is the Yucca Glauca and the main produce is of Cattle, dairy products and wheat products. The fifth-largest state in the U.S, New Mexico is the ‘Land of Enchantment’, so dubbed because those words appear on automobile license plates and in tourism advertisements. Culturally, New Mexico retains it Spanish traditions and Old Mexico influences. New Mexico has over 2 million residents; some of the more famous ones are Robert Crichton, William Hanna, John Denver, Demi Moore and Slim Summerville.

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