Thinking of taking a holiday this winter or even if you are thinking about booking a holiday up for the summer, you need to consider a holiday in a static caravan. With all the tough changes and with the very current economic wobbles it has become realistic to assume that the majority of people are finding times hard and make ends meet. If you are in the fortunate position of being able to save for a getaway sometime in the near future but cannot realistically afford for all the pomp that a hotel may give you, you should look at static caravan holidays as a serious option.

One of the great things about static caravan holidays is that you can get together with a group of friends or relatives and split the cost of what will be a cheap holiday anyway. There are so many different locations all over the UK and beyond and it is a great shame if we don't take the time to discover its beauty for ourselves. Even though this type of holiday is a cost effective one, it will certainly not deprive you from mod-cons and luxuries and is a far cry from camping. Static caravans have been misunderstood over the years, but this is most definitely not the case today. Many of the caravans have been decorated and kitted out to a luxurious standard which will make for a really comfortable stay.

The OutdoorsIf you are looking for main areas of interest within the British Isles, Scotland and the Lake District offer some of the most beautifully, natural and unspoilt landscaping. Not only that, this area is home to many of the countries most interesting wildlife groups. Wild deer, birds of prey and even recently re-introduced beavers opt to set up their homes in this untouched and rugged part of the country. This area is waiting to be discovered and will set challenges for the more active of you too! Mountains and fells line the skyline finely decorated with heather during the autumn or fall months.

Alternative regions you may like to investigate for a cheap static caravan holiday may be further south towards the Cornish coastline. Again, these are arguably some of the most beautiful beaches in the country and many who have visited these regions have seen dolphins, basking sharks and otters whilst taking a boat trip out from one of the many ports. Cornwall is also home to the famous Cornish pasty, so be sure to try one of those followed perhaps by a cream tea! Cornwall has many artistic residents and most of them reside in St Ives where it is home to the Tate gallery and the light is famously perfect for painting. Both of these areas have been suggested as you can make for as cheap or as expensive a holiday as you wish for. Natural beauty doesn't cost anything to appreciate, so whether you are on a budget or not, you will feel spoilt with the accommodation and the beauty in and around the UK. Book today for a perfect static caravan getaway!