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Static cling window film can help to give you privacy by blocking the view from outside, and can help insulate and protect the home as it blocks ultraviolet rays and the sun's heat from penetrating. It can also add an aesthetically pleasing effect to your windows, for instance, if you get stained glass window films, or frosted window film that mimics frosted glass.

Clear UV blocking window film

Where can you get static cling window film?

It is available at hardware stores as well as many online retailers. A search on or for "static cling window film" should throw up many relevant results. Other leading suppliers stocking static window film are Ace Hardware, Lowe's and Home Depot.

How do you apply it?

Static cling window film is actually very easy to install. You can do it by yourself if it needs to be applied over a small area. To apply static cling window film, you need a putty knife for smoothing it on to the window, two spray bottles, a sharp knife, and lint free cloth. Put some detergent in one of the spray bottles. You will need this to clean the window on which you will apply the static cling window film.

Cut the film to the size you need to cover the window pane, leaving an extra half inch on all sides. Then use the detergent to clean the window pane thoroughly, wiping with the lint free cloth so as to get all smears and dust particles off it. Next, spray the window with a light mist of water from the other spray bottle, making sure not to totally soak the window.

Carefully peel the static cling window film off its non-adhesive backing by gently peeling it off at one corner. It is helpful to have someone holding the film in position as you peel the backing away. Now carefully align the top of the film with the top of the window, leaving a half inch of film hanging at the top. Smooth the static cling film gently on to the window. You do not need to press it down too hard at this point, as you are just trying to get the film in place.

Once you are satisfied with the placement of the window film, use the putty knife to secure it firmly in place. Starting at the top, run the knife carefully at a 45 degree angle over the top of the window, to secure the window film in place. Next, run the knife down the center of the film from top to bottom. Then, using smooth vertical strokes, run the putty knife all the way from the left to right to get the entire window film covering in place. Use the putty knife to get rid of any air bubbles under the edges of the film. Finally, dry the film with paper towels. It takes about one week for the static window film to really stick in place, so treat it with extra care for the first week.