Coming across the same full-page advertisement that I have seen in Popular Mechanics for as long as I can remember, I began to wonder about the ever-advertising Stauer Company. There are only going to be a few kinds of readers that are perusing Popular Mechanics: someone thumbing through it in a doctor's office waiting room, a wife who wants to see what kind of contraption her husband is going to attempt to build this month, and the average guy.

While one hates to speculate too harshly, or be too prejudicial or sexist, the typical Pop Mech reader is male, somewhere between the ages of 16 and 96, and either single or clueless as to what to buy their significant other for a special occasion. Though they probably have some sort of blue collar version of a high-tech job, like a tool-and-dye maker, for instance; other than that they don't get out much, except to go and buy more pieces with which to construct their experiments. At least that's what my Dad and brother called them! But those kind of guys need help in buying gifts, too. Men who are well-off have personal shoppers. Men who read Popular Mechanics have the Stauer company. They may not be for everyone, but Stauer does have their niche. And the men who are off in the basement somewhere building their own ham radio set probably have no earthly idea about what luxury items should cost, or what you should be getting for that kind of money.

The Stauer Company has not been in business all these years without being able to market and sell their products, and they have a lot of different kinds of them, too. Because of the prominence of Stauer watches in their ads, I can only assume that they are a big seller of both men's and women's styles. These are not cheap watches, they are comparable and visually similar to the styles of Patek Philippe and Rolex brands, and also replicas of antique watches and clocks.

They have several different choices of the least expensive price point at $99.00, and the highest was an 18k gold Towson moon phase chronograph watch that goes for nearly $13,000.00. For the most part, Stauer seems to specialize in watches that are too nice to be called knockoffs, but just not quite exclusive enough to be called originals, either. They also carry their own fairly attractive brand of watches called the dashtronic that has their name prominently displayed on them. One of their featured dashtronics is supposed to look like a 1930's car gauge with inner workings that resemble the workings of the watches of the era, as well. They do explain that they aren't really the same, because theirs are made to current tastes in timepieces and are also waterproof. The Ad

Stauer also has quite an extensive line of jewelry. The line again is not really cheap. Sterling silver and enamel Tiffany style earrings for $60.00 are the most inexpensive, a Fiorenza 18k gold ring with diamonds and rubies for $6000.00 is one of the most costly. They have both precious and semi-precious stones, and they also carry diamonds and another item they call DiamondAura. These are lab-created diamonds that are mainly fashioned mostly into sterling silver settings. They look nice, are in a decent metal and cost much less than real diamonds set in white gold. As long as a woman isn't fooled into thinking that her engagement ring is a naturally mined diamond, I suppose there is no harm. In fact, these days some women might even prefer a DiamonAura lab-created diamond over the real mined version. There seems to be quite a movement against the practices involved with obtaining real mined stones these days. In any case, along with DiamondAura, Stauer also carries other lab-created semi-precious and precious stones.

These days Stauer seems to be about much more than just watches and jewelry. They carry eyewear, which includes sunglasses and reading glasses, home accessories, collectibles, leather goods and many more products. These items appear to be of a good quality, and if a person wanted those sorts of luxury items but also didn't want to have to leave the house to buy them, Stauer is the place from which to order. I must say, though, that on a personal level, I would rather shop around on the web or at a shopping mall because the prices in the Stauer catalog seem higher than I would want to pay for those same goods, even if they are convenient.
Their slogan is correct, Stauer has smart luxuries, surprising prices.