15 Tips to Stay Active Without Trying

These tips are to be easily incorporated into your day-to-day life without causing any disruptions. Soon, they will become routine and habitual.

  1. Stay Active Without Trying (25537)Take the Stairs . This step (get the pun) is very easy to incorporate into your day-to-day life. Do not take the elevator or escalator; take the stairs. If you live or work on a floor that is too high to reach by stairs, take the elevator part way and the stairs for the rest. For example, if I worked on floor 25, I could take the elevator to floor 15 and then climb 10 flights of stairs.
  2. Stay Active Without TryingUse Active Transportation - Bike, roller-blade, walk, jog, scooter, skateboard and so on. If you choose to park the car and use active transportation, you are getting a very good amount of exercise while hardly losing any (or perhaps, gaining) time. In addition, you get the benefits of fresh air and you save a pile of money. No gas or maintenance on your vehicle, and you may even choose to go car-free. Lastly, no more road rage! If you use active transportation, remember to plan ahead. You may need to bring additional clothing and leave a bit earlier.
  3. Stay Active Without Trying (25538)If you take the bus or taxi, get off a few blocks early and walk the remainder.
  4. During lunch break, get some exercise. Go for a walk, bike ride or even a run.
  5. Walk or bike to the local store instead of driving
  6. Instead of asking others to fetch you a snack, or a drink, get up from the couch and get it yourself.
  7. While watching TV, don't merely lie there. Sit up, or better yet, train on a stationary bicycle.
  8. Instead of using a remote control, walk to the TV.
  9. Stand up and walk around while talking on the telephone.
  10. Stay Active Without Trying (25536)Garden. Gardening is great physical activity, is relaxing, and makes your house look much nicer! Raking, pruning, mowing the lawn and weeding.
  11. Park farther away from stores so you get some extra walking in.
  12. Walk to see someone in the office rather than phoning.
  13. At the beach, don't lie there and suntan. Rather, sit up, or play a sport, go for a walk, or fly a kite.
  14. Stay Active Without Trying (25539)While golfing, do not use a golf cart. Walk.
  15. When travelling, see the city by bicycle or walking, not driving.

There you have it! 15 ways to Stay Active Without Trying. Thanks for reading, and be sure to comment and check out my other articles on related topics!