Despite the interest being as huge as it is, despite the fact that there's so many offers forWork From Home Jobs homeworking - are there any genuine stay at home jobs? The answer is yes - there are. You just have to either A) look for them or B) know where to look.

Oddly - they are incredibly difficult to find, due the amount of bogus claims that clutter up the net. It's now got to the point that false 'make money online' claims actually generate money in their own right - fancy that a falsehood that makes money. Who would have thought it?!

But, as it says in the first paragraph, there are sites that do indeed offer authentic stay at home jobs. Of the following three sites two are based in the USA and are for residents of that country only - and one is based in Europe.

Stay At Home Jobs

LiveOps ($30 fee for background/credit checks) - this company offer jobs that revolve around being what's termed an 'Independent Agent'. This means that you are contracted to work for LiveOps, who outsource call centre type work - offering support and the like to LiveOps clients.

You are paid (generally) for the amount of time you accrue from telephone support work. Current job offers include: Bilingual Agents, Licensed Insurance Agents and Casual Dining Services Agents.

You must be aged 18 or above and be a resident of the United States only. Their site includes a comprehensive FAQ section, which covers all bases and any/all questions that you may have.

"LiveOps is leading the revolution in distributed and work from home, agent-based services. We have built the largest network of independent distributed agents in the nation, and we are serious about creating a real business opportunity" - LiveOps

writethismoment (Fee £8/3 months or £24/12 month) The site is owned by a small publishing company that connects employers looking for freelance writers. Though based in the UK - they offer posts worldwide. Good stuff. They also host competitions (cash prizes) as well as 'out in the real world' jobs.

The type of work you will find on the site includes: ghost writers, staff writing, creative writing and so on - pretty much freelance material. Most o the work is UK and USA based but that doesn't rule out other countries - so worth checking out.

The payments (for services rendered) are direct. The site simply connects individuals - you're agreed payment and job expectations are between you and the individual employer.

"Are you seeking freelance writing jobs, magazine commissions, staff writing vacancies, writing residencies, publishers requirements, creative writing markets and other paying writing opportunities?" - writethismoment

teamdoubleclick - This is a 'virtual staff' site. They provide clients with home workers that have a skill or ability that matches their requirements. The type of work that can be found around the site includes: invoicing, emailing, general admin, telemarketing and so on.

As a 'virtual assistant' you can charge from $15 and hour and up. Your employer does not pay your taxes, sickness benefits, holiday pay and so on. If you think of yourself as a small business working from your home office - contracting out your services/skills - you'll be on the right track.

You will be paid for the time worked per given task, providing you meet the criteria that teamdoubleclick requires. You will also need a well equipped home office - fax machine, telephone lines, computer, and scanners (for e.g.) - plus know how to use them.

"Matching TOP Virtual Workers With TOP Companies" - teamdoubleclick

Working From Home

online jobs

Of course there are other sites out there and, even though it can be exhausting - genuine stay to home jobs do exist. A lot are based around freelance work (and many are not well paid!) but the above three are definitely genuine (I use the UK based site) and, if you become savvy, you will pick up some decent money for your efforts.

Failing that, keep writing for Info Barrels!