Staying Cool in the Summertime

Consider Water Misting Fans and Cooling Bandanas


Heat in the summertime is draining, uncomfortable, and even dangerous. Every year, hospital emergency rooms treat thousands of cases of heat-related disorders, some life threatening. Common sense and a little knowledge are the best preventive measures to avoid problems with heat.

Heat related illnesses include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat strokeGood Old Summertime, with the latter being the most severe, dangerous situation. Warning signs typically begin with symptoms such as muscle cramps, thirst, fatigue, and heavy sweating. In intermediate cases, symptoms include pale and cool skin, weakness, headache, nausea, chills, cessation of sweating, faintness, and dizziness. Be aware of the most severe symptoms for heat stroke; rapid pulse, dry and hot skin, and confusion. A heath stroke is a life-threatening problem. Get immediate medical attention as the condition can lead to coma or even death.

When it is hot, it is just hot. Few outdoor enthusiasts want to give up on being outside because of the heat. Follow just a few guidelines to enjoy summertime activities in a safe environment.

Clothing: Wear sunscreen and as little clothing as is possible. Light colored clothing is cooler than darker colors. Travel catalogs have entire sections on clothing that is loose-fitting and made of fabric designed to let air flow.

Water: Stay hydrated. Drink about 17 ounces of liquid two hours before exercise or outside activity. Doing so allows the water to pass through the body before heat exposure. Drink fluids at regular intervals while in a hot environment.

Spray Fans: Inexpensive spray misting fans work. The nifty little inexpensive fans are available online at drugstores, at discount stores, and online. Some come with a handle that is easily attached to a belt or backpack. Merely fill the reservoir with cool water, and mist periodically to keep skin surface temperature down. Amusement theme parks carry the fans for their hot guests but at a high price compared to those purchased before entering the park. Gather items for staying cool before heading out for the day.

Cooling Bandanas and Headbands: Sporting goods stores and online merchants carry a large variety of these cooling bandanas. Soak them in water for twenty minutes before heading out into the heat. After the bandana has been wrung out, use as a neck scarf or headband. The difference is incredible.

Hats: Hats help shade the wearer from the sun. Women's hats often have wide brims that give the most shade. They look a bit different,  but some hat designs  have a cloth  loosely attached to the back.  The cloth hangs down over the neck and limits sun exposure to this often over-exposed part of the body. 

Enjoy the magnificent old summertime and stay safe out there!