Doing your household chores can keep you fit and active as you would be burning a good amount of calories each day. Household chores offer a unique workout to each of your body parts and keep them active throughout. Employed and even housewives appoint maids to do the chores without realizing the wholesome benefits that they can offer. Inactivity makes your metabolism sluggish and in the due course makes you gain weight. If you feel that you have a sound mind then you need a strong and fit body to enjoy the harmony. Let’s see how the household chores help you stay fit and active when you do them wholeheartedly.

Mopping the floor

This is an awesome age-old practice which offers you a good workout to the body. The major muscle groups that are worked out during the process are your shoulders and biceps. The calories you burn depend on the area you would be covering. When the mopping stick or the vacuum cleaner does not reach out nooks, you can use a piece of thick cotton cloth measuring about 12 inches to hand mop those unreachable areas. This effort stretches your arms and back muscles.  At the same time you are unknowingly performing lunges which workout your legs to a great extent.


Many think cooking offers exercise to only eyeballs and hands. When you consider spending time in cooking for your loved ones, you wish to make tasty and healthy dishes. This interest drives you to clean the ingredients and dice them with utmost care. You would also not mind standing for long hours to prepare the dish successfully. This makes you burn a good amount of calories and offers you stamina to complete cooking the dish. As a family you get to enjoy a healthy and tasty dish without indulging in any unhealthy outside meals. You would naturally gather interest to learn some diet essentials like calorie consciousness, portion size, minimizing fat, using healthy ingredients and eventually you tend to become an expert cook.

Remodeling the house

Remodeling your house offers you a sense of freshness. It is not necessary that you spend money in buying decorative pieces for your house. You can reposition the furniture and other household things to give a fresh look to your living space.  This also helps you remove any clutter that you were planning to remove for a long time. The effort you put in to drag and shift heavy furniture offers you a good exercise. Remodeling of house can be done twice a month as it involves strenuous activities.


Gardening is a wholesome exercise as it can burn up to 250 calories a day. It offers a good exercise for your back, arms and legs. When you plant a tree, you tend to sit in a “thunderbolt pose” which is a popular yogic pose beneficial for women. When you do this pose immediately after a meal, it improves your digestion. The blood circulation around the pelvic region is increased which helps in easy digestion of food. It is a good healing pose for people suffering from sciatica and acute lower back problems. The other associated gardening works like spading, chiseling, raking leaves, mowing, etc impart a great exercise to all body parts and ensure fitness.

Final words

Your home is your ultimate fitness center. Why not use it to the full extent at an early age to stay fit and strong? The household chores do not demand you to spend much money and if at all you spend it is for your own house and good. Make “home fitness” as your motto and enjoy doing your household chores.