We have all been there.  One way or another, there are simply days and seasons where we are utterly demotivated to do our work.  You might be a farmer, healthcare provider, online entrepreneur, banker, small business owner, stay at home mom, landscaper, architect, whatever...no one is immune to the apathy and sheer loss of focus that can come with working a job or having responsibilities.  

It is easily one of the greatest challenges any person has to deal with...it is the need to sustain the fire and the drive to remain motivated at your work.  

This begs you to ask yourself the following questions: What do you do exactly when going to work begins to feel like a chore? And is there ever a way to get past this situation that will allow you to bring back the enthusiasm you once had?

In times like these, you need to pull yourself together and begin to rethink the dynamics of your present circumstances. A change in mindset is definitely in order and you will find your success depends in large part to your appreciation of the vital role you play at the workplace and your ability to effectively juggle the demands of your personal and professional life.

Here are 10 things that can help you refocus, keep you motivated, and revitalize your mindset:

1. Rethink your passions.  Listen, it's hard to be invested in something when you are not fired up about your work.  The world's greatest leaders, athletes, and industry experts all share a common trait, and that's the fact that they are all willing to sacrifice and go to great lengths to pursue and excel in what they love doing the most.  

2. Stop multi-tasking.  The more things you juggle, the more your attention is divided, and the more you lose your focus and concentration.  You may think that you are creating efficiency and resourcefulness, but in reality you are just becoming more stressed.  Do your best to focus on one thing at a time.  

3. Stare at anything green.  Not joking.  Studies show that looking at something green for a bit can actually help reduce stress levels and ease internal tension.  Some companies have their own green room and encourage their employees to stay awhile...but not too long :)

4. Make goals...and smaller goals.  Making goals may scare you because you have probably tried them before and epically failed.  But, what if you made a long term goal and then started breaking them down in to smaller, more realistic goals.  I promise you, if you can pull off a few short term goals it will be excellent momentum to keep you driven to accomplish your long term goal.  

5. Do not fear change.  It is so easy to get into a familiar groove and create a barrier to anything new.  I have worked with people before who have been so resistant to change that it began to bog down our productivity and creativity as a team.  Don't be that person.  Expose yourself to new things and analyze appropriately.  

6. Give focus to the good things.  You need to reinforce your passion or your interest in what you do by lending a full appreciation to the positive things you get out of it. The more you underscore your achievements and sense of fulfillment, the more you get motivated to do great things.

7. Ponder the effects your non-action has on other people.  Bailing out on your responsibilities can be a potential train wreck, capable of two things: 1) Disrupting the overall flow of operations for your team, and 2) setting a terrible example for others to follow.

8. Start with the most difficult task first.  If you can get the toughest task behind you, it becomes so much easier and gives you momentum to move forward with the rest.

9. Don't bite off more than you can chew.  Know your limitations.  A big reason why we procrastinate so much is because we have such an excessive volume of tasks that it seems like we are facing Godzilla.  Let's make it simple: before committing to something, make sure that you can actually do it.

10. Reward yourself.  You should incentivize your hard work and acknowledge your efforts by occasionally providing yourself a reward to validate your extraordinary discipline and will to get the job done.  Also a great way to boost your confidence.  

Start now by pondering these things and implementing them into your work and lifestyle.  Trust me, it will make a difference.

Thanks for reading!