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Are you wondering if a free hotel reservation booking no credit cards is possible in the travel industry?  Not everyone has a credit card and some individuals prefer to use other payment forms when deciding to stay in a hotel.

A free hotel reservation booking no credit cards is already practiced in some hotels contrary to what other people believe.  Travelers have the option of using debit cards or cash for making accommodations.  In fact, on a few occasions, details of an individual’s bank account are used instead by a hotel.

Checking for a hotel that accepts a debit card or cash may require some effort.  But since these establishments are in the business and want to make money, they will be more than ready to take you in.  You can be certain of that.

Guide before making hotel reservations

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First, you have to determine the type of hotel that you would want to stay in.  What is your preference?  Prior to making that reservation, you need to know whether you would go for a five-star hotel, a luxury chain or somewhere that doesn’t eat up your budget.

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Second, hotels have different room rates.   You have to be resourceful in doing your research so you wouldn’t run out of money especially if you intend to use cash once you’re there.  Yes, making free hotel reservation booking no credit cards can be done.   An individual just has to establish his specific needs before making a final move.

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Third, when you have made up your mind as to the kind of hotel you want, do your research.  Check for two or three travel agents online that can provide you with different prices for hotels.  Thru these online sites, you can make comparisons prior to making a decision.

Here’s a tip that some people don’t know but one worth remembering.  There are some hotels that prepare their substandard rooms for reservations made using the services of a travel agent online.  You certainly wouldn’t want this to happen if you plan to have a comfortable and relaxing stay in a particular hotel.

Therefore, to put your mind at rest, go and check websites of hotels so you can make good judgment.  The websites will display the rates of the different rooms and their schedule of availability to guests.

Steps to reserve a room

Now, it’s time to make a move.  If you have a debit card, then use it.  Check if it bears the Mastercard logo or Visa before booking yourself.  Most reservation systems adapted by hotels won’t recognize if a credit card is being used or not, especially if there is a logo.  You need to clarify though if you will be charged with hotel fees for transactions like these.

Call in advance to get information on the policies of a hotel about the use of cash or debit card for making reservations.  A few hotels do accept debit cards but upon checking in, a certain amount will be withdrawn for incidental expenses like watching special movies or using the minibar.  This can be fully refundable upon checking out.  Other hotels are open to cash payments including the use of checking accounts at the option of travelers.

You may opt to deposit cash in advance for a number of days’ stay.  Just inform the manager or whoever is in charge.  Allowing a guest without a credit card, to avail of a room and other services puts the hotel at a risk.   By making an advance payment, the management is assured that you take responsibility for the use of the room and all other amenities at your disposal during your stay.

Aside from corporate establishments, there are smaller hotels where a traveler can make an inquiry.  It is a lot easier to deal with local hotels especially when cash is used.  They don’t have strict policies in place unlike those that belong to popular chains.

 In case there is a local resident who knows you personally, then you can always request the hotel in-charge to call the person for reference.  This way, the management is assured of your personal integrity and puts them in a better frame of mind to offer you accommodation at will.  This method of free hotel reservation booking no credit cards used offer convenience to travelers who don’t carry plastic and prefer to make transactions using cash instead.

The use of Paypal as an alternative


For other travelers who want to make free hotel reservation booking no credit cards on hand, there is another alternative aside from cash or debit cards. The use of Paypal to book a guest for a few days’ stay is already practiced by some hotels in the industry. When you log on to their websites, different payment options are displayed.  You can choose Mastercard, Visa or even Paypal.  Once you see that the hotel accepts Paypal, then you don’t need a credit card at all.

Other people though can choose to give details of their credit card when they open a Paypal account if they don’t want to divulge their bank accounts.  The use of its service provides ease and convenience to those who want to purchase or sell different goods online.  Paypal was actually created by Ebay as a payment system that offers security to individuals and business clients without giving critical information regarding their credit cards.  Even hotels and travel businesses have integrated this platform in their payment systems as a recourse to travelers with security concerns.


Travelers no longer need to worry about making hotel reservation booking no credit cards with the various options at his disposal.   While it is common practice for hotels to get credit card details in order to book a guest, this shouldn’t stop anyone who doesn’t own a credit card.  Travelers can use cash, a debit card or Paypal to do so.  In other words, at anytime an individual decides to travel, he can simply make hotel reservation booking no credit cards by using the different alternatives available out there.