Oil filled electric radiators are a great way to stay warm this winter and there are many benefits using these types of appliances.

 Oil filled heaters are convenient as all you need is an electric outlet for them to work. You can also adjust the temperature very easily and place the heater wherever you choose in your home.

 They are also very affordable and you can purchase a good quality radiator for less than $100. With the increase of costs using natural gas, these types of heaters are a great option.

 Oil filled radiators can also heat up your room very quickly which means you will use less electricity during winter and they are also a lot safer than other heaters avaiable on the market today.

 These types of heaters are also very easy to move around in your home or office. The wheels are very easy to put on and when you hear a snap it means that they are locked into place.

 Below you will find the best rated oil filled electric heaters that are 100% safe for your home and are also at a great price. Depending on the size of your room, you may only need to purchase a small heater.


DeLonghi TRD0715T Safeheat 1500W Portable Oil-Filled Radiator


The Delonghi Oil filled heater can effeciently heat any room in your home. It can also turn on the heater by itself when the room temperature drops at a certain temperature when using the anti freeze setting.

It has 96 settings and a built in timer which makes it very easy to customize the right temperature for your room.

The design of this heater allows maximum amount of heat to be released and it is very safe when children or pets are in the room.

This heater also has safety settings and will automatically turn off when the heater is over heating. If you are looking for a well rated product that has many settings such as a 24 hour timer, this oil filled radiator from Delonghi is a great investment.


DeLonghi EW7707CB Safeheat 1500W Heater
This is a 1500 watt oil filled radiator that heats up very quickly and also has a safe to touch surface when on the highest temperature.

It can save you up to 27% on your energy bills and is very quiet when in use which is great when you are watching tv or sleeping.

The metal it is made out of is rust resistant and can handle harsh weather conditions. The snap on wheels are also very easy to put on and you will never have to refill this oil heater.

The Delonghi brand is one of the best when it comes to oil filled heaters and they have safety features to prevent overheating. Priced under $80, this is an affordable heater for your home.

Black DeLonghi Oil Filled Radiator Heater

If you are looking for a user friendly radiator heater that has a digital display, this black oil filled heater from Delhongi is a great option.

This heater can save energy as it regulates the temperature by cycling the heat between high, medium and low.

There is also an adjustable thermostat which is very important when it comes to staying warm in winter.

This heater will also automatically turn off when it overheats and this is one of the best features when it comes to heaters in your home.

Priced under $70, this heater can safely warm up your room or office much faster than any other heaters available and they can be moved around with ease.

DeLonghi EW7507EB Oil Filled Radiator Heater Black 1500W
Amazon Price: $119.00 $80.46 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 15, 2016)

As you can see, there are many different oil filled electric heaters to choose from and depending on your budget you can get a good quality heater to help you stay warm this winter.