How to keep cozy this winter without raising your heating bills.

Obviously a space heater is one way to heat a room. If you confine yourself to a workspace it is particularly useful. 

If you have a microwave then you have hours of heat in a heating pack. There are many  ways to make one out of a sock and a few cups of rice. Put the heat [ack in the microwave for three minutes. It will be to hot to hold onto for very long. Put it under a blanket or in a towel and cuddle up. If you are going to be in and out of your seat, wrap the pack in a towel and put it at your feet. Whenever you sit down place you feet on the towel. If you put it in bed with you it will be warm for hours. If you have it on your lap with no blanket, or anyway to hold the heat in it will need re-heating regularly. 

A pet on your lap is lovely for some people if you plan to stay in one place for a while. 

Are you interested in being active and getting something accomplished? Iron that stack of laundry that has been sitting in your utility room. It is a very effective way to raise your temperature quickly. 

Everyone needs to eat and drink why not use these times to warm up yourself and the house? For instance: 

Make yourself a hot drink, soup or chili. Put on a hat and feel the warmth from the inside. 

Bake potatoes: They take a couple hours at 350. Put water and potatoes in a glass dish and put them in the oven. Then after an hour and a half or so move the potatoes from the dish to the oven rack and let them get crunchy on the outside. Add toppings.

Having people over heats the house up without running the furnace. Plus lit candles add to the ambience.

Bake cookies: Bake anything! 

Do you have computer work to get done? Electronics produce heat and will contribute to the room temperature after awhile. 

Invest in a pair of trendy and functional fingerless gloves. They hold your heat in and let you use your fingers for more intricate tasks, like typing. 

Knitting a blanket or shawl is a productive way to accomplish a task while staying warm. If you add a heat pack you can stay cozy all afternoon. 

Wear a shawl. If you are out of the house it is a legitimate way to basically be wrapped up in a blanket in public. But, please, this is not permission to wear pajamas.