Stay at home mom jobs has really come a long way in the last few years. It used to be that your choices for work at home jobs for moms were limited to clerical work or survey taking. While clerical jobs and survey taking are still mainstays for legitimate work at home opportunities, you will find that legitimate telecommute work, marketing and many other professions now offer options that make working from home for moms an attractive way to earn your income without paying for childcare.

Where to Find Jobs for at Home Moms

The first place to start is with the job you already have. Can your job be done by telecommuting? If so, you may want to approach your boss. In many cases your current employer will be willing to offer you either a part time telecommuting option or barring this possibility, hire you as a private contractor from your home. If at all possible take the telecommuting option, because it will generally include benefits, where as contract work does not.

If your skills transfer well to work at home types of positions such as clerical work, marketing, photography or creative arts, web design, graphics design, transcription work or advertising, you may want to look into creating a home based business as a contractor or consultant. You will have the advantage or a higher hourly wage, control over your scheduling, a choice of which projects you work on and ultimately the ability to move your career in a totally different direction.

All of the above options will offer you legitimate work from home mom opportunities for creating a full time salary from home.

Where to Find Legitimate Work from Home Jobs for Moms

If you need to look for work outside your current employer for real jobs to work at home, there are a couple of places you can start for finding legitimate work. The first is on the outsourcing job boards. There are many legitimate companies online that offer you the ability to write a profile and bid on jobs as they are posted. These companies are good for finding fast work when you experience a lull in your work load. They take their profits either as a percentage of your wage once work is completed or by charging fees to the employers posting ads for work. Some of the largest outsourcing websites are eLance, RentaCoder, and Odesk. Give them a try if you are in need of immediate work or just looking to create a steady income.

The other slower, but better paying option for finding work from home opportunities is to contact companies directly and offer your services. I have had good luck in finding smaller projects at first in this way, and those small projects often will lead to much larger contracts once you have proven yourself. Never be afraid to ask for work, the worst anyone can do is to ignore you or say no thanks.

Legitimate Work from Home Job Ideas

The first thing I would like to say is that you should not choose just one option if working from home is your only source of income. Contract work and telecommute options are great, but they are not always steady with pay unless you are lucky enough to work your regular job from home. If it is one thing I have learned over the last few years it is that working hours are irregular, pay is irregular and there are no guarantees. You can effectively work around the uncertainty of not having a regular paycheck by diversifying your streams of income and knowing where to look when you need to make a fast easy buck.

Use the freelancing sites for job postings of contract work. Honestly, this is the very best option I have ever found for making quick money online. You register, bid on a job, accept the job, do the work and get paid. Nothing is simpler or safer in the online world for making quick cash.

Make money with surveys. Yes, this is a mainstay of the make money online world and is still a revenue stream I keep up with just in case I find myself short of either money or work now and again. The work is easy, fun and readily available. You will not make a mint of money, but once you learn how to maximize your pay for the time you spend you can easily make a steady monthly income.

Make money from home typing articles. There are hundreds of thousands of webmasters looking for native English speakers to write content for there websites, blogs or advertisements in all topic areas. The best place to look for this kind of work is either on the outsourcing websites or through a private party. Anyone with basic research and writing skills can make money from home as an article writer. While the work does not pay a lot it is steady. You can easily make $12-15 per hour if you are a fast typist with broad based knowledge on many topics. Expect the going rate to be one to three cents per word depending on your skill level. Wages do come up a bit once you have proven yourself as a fast, capable and reliable writer.

Make money from home blogging. If you enjoy writing you may be a blogger at heart. I got started blogging on one of my hobbies and have never looked back since. I make money from home for free by using free blogging platforms to host my content and then adding advertising or products for sale on my pages. Several years have passed since I started my blog and it now makes me a very respectable part time income with only 8 posts per month, around 12 hours a month of maintenance. The nice thing about blogging for a living is that the income you will earn from your efforts is passive in nature and grows steadily over time. Profits may be slow in the beginning, but the steady income is money that is steady every month.

Finding stay at home jobs for moms is not difficult, but the best ones are those you can create for yourself. I would caution all of you to work smarter to maximize both your time and monetary gains. The two best things you can do to work smarter are to diversify your revenue streams, and spend some of your time creating passive income. With passive income you will notice that you need to work less on a daily basis to earn more in the long run as your passive income revenues grow over time. It will generally take a year or two of slow but steady growth to see you income rise, then all of a sudden your passive income will kick into high gear. Like any other business, regardless of how you choose to make your income, the work comes up front. The passive income that results a year or two down the road will have you wondering why you did not believe in yourself enough to start sooner. It really does just boil down to a little delayed gratification and a whole lot of work in the short term.