Power walking

Power walking (or fitwalk) is as effective as any other sport. Exercise experts say that a half hour power walking is better than one hour jogging, and just as healthy as aerobicsand cycling, provided you do it regularly. Because of the natural motion of the training there is a very small chance of getting injuries. The burden on the joints is minimal in contrast to running and jumping. And walking is free, safe and there are no accessories needed (except some walking shoes). Power walking is suitable for all ages, individually or in a group. It is an ideal way to get back in shape after a period of no sporting.

Away with stress

Becoming fit doesn't require bigger muscles or a sports heart. It is the regularity of the effort rather than the intensity. In power walking, the muscles of the whole body and especially those of arms and legs are heavily used. Breathing is deeper, the blood circulatory is turned on and the oxygen supply is increased. Regular exercise prevents cardiovascular problems, bone loss is prevented and the intestines are stimulated. Feelings of tension or stress disappear and sleeping is better (delicious!).

Workout scheme

Always begin with a warming up of five to ten minutes by walking at a moderate pace. Increase the speed for at least 20 minutes. For beginners 3 miles per hour is sufficient. Advanced power walkers should be able to walk 5 miles per hour. End the walk with a cooling down and stretching exercises. Walk every other day but at least 3 times a week. And make sure that you're not out of breath. If you can each (Presuming you are not alone) can talk in short sentences the pace is good.

Scheme for first six weeks


week distance (miles) walking time (minutes)
1 1.5 30
2 2.0 30
3 2.5 35
4 3.1 40
5 3.7 50
6 4.3-5 60





Conclusion: Nine reasons why power walking is healthy

  1. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  2. It improves the condition of heart and blood vessels
  3. It lowers cholesterol levels
  4. It has a hypotensive effect
  5. It helps to maintain body weight
  6. It reduces the risk of osteoporosis (brittle bones)
  7. It improves overall endurance and fitness feelings
  8. It strengthens muscles
  9. It creates mental relaxation