The business district of the Philippines – its modern heart and soul – is Makati. Among the top 12 cities in Greater manila, Makati is considered the most recommendable place to live in for its and active business and vibrant entertainment traits.

Makati is where the most prestigious business addresses and the trendiest leisure establishments are found. Fashionable hotels, restaurants, malls, coffee shops, boutiques, and specialty shops converge around the sleek Ayala Centers and Rockwell.

Makati also makes traveling around the other cities more convenient. Taxis are widely available here. Jeepneys and buses are the most inexpensive ways to get around the city and the fastest way of commuting is via the railway system.

There are various reasons why people choose to stay in Makati. Arguably, the number one is the kind of lifestyle it offers for those who prefer to have an energetic, modern, and sophisticated everyday life. Lately, the most popular option among them when it comes to choosing a place to live in is to rent condominium units.

Condominiums in Makati City

A wide selection of deluxe, standard and economy condominiums are widely available in Makati. Primary reason for this is to cater to the accommodation needs of the growing number of people working here where businesses and jobs abound. Most condos in Makati are closely adjacent to the important establishments which make it an ideal choice for those who stay in Makati.

Choosing the Right Condo

There are several factors to keep in mind to make sure you're stay in Makati is pleasurable and comfortable as it's supposed to be. You can save yourself from the hassles and frustrations of choosing the perfect place for you by considering these three factors:


Of course the first step in choosing a condo is determining whether the location suits your preferences. What's great about the condos in Makati is that most of them are just a few minutes drive away to almost any important establishments be it for work, pleasure, or relaxation so finding the perfect place for you shouldn't be much of a problem.


Condominiums in Makati vary when it comes to the fees. From luxury to standard types, it all depends on one's budget. These fees are used for the condominium's overall maintenance and security. While buying condo units are usual for those who are considering of having a long stay in Makati, most condo properties offer rental plans that you can go for if you plan on staying in Makati for a short while or assessing whether your chosen condo is the right one for you before committing to a long-term property investment.


A typical Makati condominium usually features a pool, a gym, and 24-hour security. For the luxury type condominiums, additional features are included such as playrooms for children, massage and day spas, library and various kinds of recreation centers. Renting a unit in one of these condos provides the owner the privilege of utilizing all these amenities with no additional charge.

Throughout your stay in Makati, renting condominium can be the best option if you enjoy and cherish a metropolitan lifestyle that will surely cater to all your needs. While the cost of living in Makati differs significantly from other cities in the Greater Manila area, still, it's a best choice among local and foreigners because of the outstanding range of accommodations that promise a comfortable living experience.