How nice to be able to plan another vacation to an exotic location. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do so. Not because they don't have the desire but they cannot afford to vacate. It is almost impossible to think about a time when people just stayed at home (staycation). In those days, children still had fun and they didn't have all the gadgets that we now have. Who needs a computer to have fun? You would argue that computers didn't exist and you would be right. That is not the point. You could still have fun without technology. Some families have even resorted to bank loans just to be able to afford a vacation and staycation is out of the question. The problem with that is the aftermath. Vacations are always short and you will probably need another vacation to get over the last one. Most families have stepped back in time to what is now known as Staycation. What does it mean? If you are French or Spanish you will know that "Va" means to go. If you can read English, then you know to "Stay" means you are not going anywhere. Hence, the term Staycation means you will be staying put. The fact that you cannot afford to vacate doesn't mean you can't have fun. Here is a list of things to do when you are Staycationing.

Museums and staycation: if you hate museum and find them boring, you will be surprise how interesting and informative some are when you are in ful staycation mood. There are some free museums for those who live in big cities. To make your visit interesting, just tag along and see what people get up to. You could go people spotting when you are on staycation. Be observant and you will have a lot of fun just watching how people interact with the artifacts that are on display. You will also be surprised to see people travel from far away just to visit what you normally take for granted and that is why staycation is great. If you go to a museum, always watch out for the unusual stuff. You have people who visit the museum on an intellectual trip. They want to learn and understand the meaning of the artifacts on display. Others are there just because it is an occasion to take pictures and show others thery went on a vacation. You can also take pictures because you want to show people you were on staycation. There are other museums that are out of this world. In France they have the Futuroscope. In Holland they have the Heineken museum and that will make your staycation very interesting.

Parksand staycation : You've probably been to a lot of parks in your neighborhood. You probably still visit the same part of the park. Why not extend your visit and try to find out other parts of the park that you might never have visited and that is also the best part of staycation. You get to use your imagination. Treasure hunting is a good way to spend your staycation. If that doesn't work for you, just take a camera with you and snap away. You can be creative with your camera and try different camera angles of the same objects (put your finger in the foreground to a little flower). Perspective is the game so let your creative instinct take over. The joys of staycation will make your feel good about yourself

Staycation and Long Lost Families: Staycation can also be about family bonding. You can go and visit your aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews, grandmother, grandfather, etc. Anyone you have been meaning to visit for a long time but you didn't take the time. Now is your time to make up on broken promises. They will be happy to see you(it doesn't really matter) and you will get a free meal. You are not visiting them because of the free food, but it is just worth mentioning. Tell them you are on staycation and you want to spend some quality staycation time with your family

Staycation and Library and staycation: I am sure there are people who have never stepped into their local library for a long time. Staycation will give you an excuse to see what the local governement are doing with your taxes. You should go and pay a visit. Most libraries now boast multimedia facilities. You could take your children out and have a good time learning, reading or being curious as to what is new since the last time they visited.

Staycation and Bus Ride: This sounds silly but it can be fun. You could buy a travel pass that is valid for travel the whole day. Then, pick a destination or location that you have absolutely no idea about and jump on the next bus. You just sit back and take in the view as you ride all the way to the terminal. You don't even have to worry about missing your stop. You will learn more about your town or city and have a great time. Just for the fun of it, you could get off at any point and take the next bus.

Staycation and Write Anonymous Card: If you've got a phone directory and you are not lazy when it comes to writing, then you will enjoy sending anonymous cards to people. You might write the following "Hello, I am on Staycation, so I decided to send you this card, I hope all is well with you. Have a nice day". Well that is all you need to do to make someone happy and have fun during your Staycation.

Staycation and Factories: If there is a car plant or any other factory where you live, you could contact them to ask if they offer free tours. Some of them have tours for families and friends of employees. You might be able to tag along and get to know the industries around your town.

Staycation and Volunteering: This is a great way to spend your Staycation. You could contact local charities who might need help with various tasks and your help will be definitely appreciated. You will learn a lot and get to know more people and have something worthwhile to talk about when your holidays are over. There are charities that might need help with serving food to the homeless. There are others who will appreciate your help with the elderly. You don't need to be skillful at anything in particular. You just need to be able to follow instructions.

This list is not exhaustive but it should give you an idea of things you could do to have fun on Staycation. Once the recession is over your Staycation might become vacation. You might well just get use to staycationning that you will think of brilliant ways to enjoy what is around you. Holiday period don't have to be onerous. They have to be creative enough for you to enjoy. You will learn a lot about yourself , your family and you city or town