If you're having trouble staying awake at the office these days, here are some proven tips to keep you looking alive. Feeling sluggish when things are in slow mode can be frustrating and it's not how you want to feel at the when your at your job if you want to be productive to keep things on track. Keeping some emergency remedies on hand can be a very useful way to look alive in a snap.

Staying awake at the officeCredit: http://mrg.bz/mhDF69; By mconnors

 Drink peppermint tea. Even chewing peppermint gum is a sure way to help you stay awake.  Peppermint has qualities that can revive your mental alertness. You can revive your lack of energy in a snap.

Drinking a cup of coffee (with caffeine) is sure to revive your sense of alertness as well. Coffee is a great pick me up in the mid-morning and midafternoon. Don't overdo it but this is a great way to keep you feeling good when you are sluggish.

Eat foods that energize you. Protein can boost your energy so make sure you get enough protein before you go to work and also while you’re there. Try a high protein bar for the midafternoon. There are lots of varieties on the market. Eating junk food will, which are mostly carbohydrates and sugars, only continue to make you feel sluggish. Stay away from eating non-energy foods as much as possible. Those foods are usually high carbohydrate and sugar snacks. Eating lots of vegetables for snacks like celery, radishes, raw broccoli and salads for lunch will keep you feeling healthy as well as revived.  If you add protein, like peanut butter on celery or Hummus with vegetables, it can keep you from feeling sluggish and bloated.

Drink as much water as you can possible drink. It’s recommended that you drink at least 6 glasses a day. Water will flush out toxins which slow up your digestion and make you tired.

This is a very good reason to drink a ton of water while you’re at the office. It will help you feel energized so you can stay awake at the office. You can never overdo the water and most people rarely get all the water they need. Keep a bottle of water on your desk at all times will help to remind you when you are busy working at the office.

There is also the idea of gum that has caffeine in it that can keep you alert.