One of the troubles the people have is staying focused. Writers and online web content writers are no different. As writers it is hard to stay focused on the task at hand. If writing is more than simply a hobby for you then you know that multi-tasking is common. Staying focused on writing is pretty easy for me. My problem is figuring out how to budget my time between writing sites.

I have been writing a lot for Break Studios. I can average a nice hourly amount over there. The upfront payments come in very handy and are allowing me to cut my hours back at my 9-5 job. The upfront payments have come at a cost though.

I am not increasing my residual earnings as fast as I would like to with InfoBarrel. I have been writing more for upfront payments so I can spend less time at my 9-5 job. I will continue to write for InfoBarrel but I still need to write for other websites.

I write for Break Studios, Examiner, InfoBarrel and my BicycleWriter blog. I rarely have been writing for TextBroker lately. I enjoy writing for all of these sites except for TextBroker.

My focus is on becoming a full time web content writer. Any day now I will be cutting my 9-5 job back to only 2 days per week and then I can focus on writing even more. The way I am going to help myself focus is to realize I would rather be typing articles on my computer as opposed to dealing with upset customers at my 9-5 job.

My writing schedule will vary depending on a few factors but here is the current schedule that will be kicking into effect for me within a week or two.

Break Studios- Break Studios allows you to claim up to 10 articles. You can not claim any more articles until one or more of your submitted articles are approved. If I write and submit 10 articles to Break Studios and then one of them is approved I can then claim one more title to write and submit.

Sometimes Break Studios approves articles the next day and sometimes it takes them 3-6 days. My goal each day will be to write and submit as many articles as I can to Break Studios. I will check my email on a regular basis and anytime A Break Studios article is accepted I will immediately claim another article, write it, and then submit it to Break Studios. Some days I may write a lot of articles and other days may only be 1 article or even no article for break Studios as I wait for them to approve my submitted articles.

Examiner- I now have both a local Examiner topic as well as a national Examiner topic. After I write all of my Break Studios articles I will write 5 articles for my National Examiner writing position and then I will write 1 article for my local Examiner position.

I like to write for Examiner. The articles can be written by me really quickly and generally writing 6 articles will not take too long. Some days depending on the types of articles I write it will take longer. I will focus on trying to write the longer articles for Examiner on the days that I have less or no workload with Break Studios.

InfoBarrel- InfoBarrel is an integral part of my attempt to work as a full time web content writer. The more articles I have published on InfoBarrel the less time I need to write for Break Studios. I know that I need to increase drastically the number of articles I have on InfoBarrel.

I still want to achieve my goal of having 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel by the end of the year. When I have 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel I will no longer need to work at my job at all. I am cutting back to 2 days per week and plan on writing full time but once I hit the magical number of 1,500 articles published on InfoBarrel I can quit my job all together and then write even more.

In order to get to my 1,500 article goal in a timely manner I want to write at least 10 articles per day on average. Between writing all of the Break Studios articles as well as Examiner and InfoBarrel I will be extremely busy but there is still one more thing I will do daily.

Freelance Web Content Writers Blog- In addition to all of the articles above I also want to publish at least one new blog post daily at my blog. I have only written a few blog posts so far but the page views have increased a lot. I feel that if I write a lot more on my blog I will also get a lot more page views. I have only made .88 cents with my blog so far but I have been able to drive some traffic to my articles on InfoBarrel and Examiner.

If I can post one new blog post a day then, by looking at my current traffic patterns, be able to drive a lot of traffic to my Examiner and InfoBarrel articles as well as earning more money with Adsense from the blog directly.

Working Hard- If I can follow my plan then I will be as busy as a bee on meth. The great thing is that I will start writing around 5 in the morning and by the time my daughter is out of school I will be done. If Break Studios is approving fast then it may put me behind which is OK because it means more upfront payments from Break Studios and then I can finish out my InfoBarrel articles and my blog post in the evening when I get some time.

I'll be as busy as a stoned chimpanzee at a banana plantation but it is worth it. I like to write and the fact that I am so close to becoming a full time web content writer makes me as giddy as a virgin on Prom night.

Speaking of staying focused, before I had a chance to publish this article I had an epiphany. I will be able to write 6 articles per day total to earn what I am with my current job. If I write 50 articles per week for my new method I will be able to earn well over the amount I am earning now with my 9-5 job.

After starting this article off about being focused I have since changed my strategy yet again. I will write my Break Studios articles, I will write for my new semi-private clients, and that will be more than I am making with my 9-5 job. I will continue to write some articles for Examiner and InfoBarrel.

Since I picked up the new work I am now about 2 weeks from quitting my day job and writing full time! Yahoo Buckaroo!