Staying focused while writing full time can be hard. Spreading yourself out to thin can make it hard to focus on your core product as a writer. I am multiple websites that earn me a tiny bit each month but I consider my core business to be writing. During November I will be selling off some of my side projects and concentrating on simply writing.

I will be writing for multiple websites as well as my BicycleWriter blog, but I will not be working on any niche websites. My goal is to earn at least $900 with TextBroker during November. If I get lucky and my favorite clients post a lot of new work then I may be able to reach my goal 1/2 way into the month. If I was able to do that it would be very sweet, but timing is very important with TextBroker. Fortunately for me I do not work a 9-5 job so I am able to capitalize on the "sweet spots" when these cherished clients post their work onto TextBroker.

I will sell some of my extra domains and re-focus my work to simply writing a lot of content for the month. I also will need to earn a bit extra because I will be getting a new apartment next month as well as Christmas and incorporating.

Each person has different needs but my personal situation has shown that my best bet is to Incorporate so next month I will set up a Corporation. By incorporating my writing business it will provide me with many benefits.

I ran a test last month with a topsite experiment and was able to get 6 million hits in 3 days to a website. I earned nothing off of it and the traffic was really crappy but it was fun. I may do a similar experiment in the future with a few different variables but for now I need to concentrate on writing.

It is easier to reach your monthly writing goals if you stay on top of it. If the first day of the month you slack off then you will either be behind for the rest of the month or have to work extremely hard in order to catch up to where you should be.

During November I plan on staying on top of my daily goals in order to achieve my monthly goals. If I am able to reach my monthly goal before the end of the month I will still keep writing my butt of so I can earn even more. Ideally I would like to find a nice apartment or a small house to rent next month or January at the latest, but when I move in I will be planning on being there awhile so I will get some furniture and stuff I want. In order to reach this goal I will simply need to write a lot.

Many of you hate Demand Studios but when you want some extra money or need some extra money you have no qualms at all about pumping out a bunch of new content for Demand Studios. I do not use Demand Studios but I operate the same way.

Writing web content full-time has many perks including the fact that I am not forced to live in one particular area. I want to find a small house or apartment in a small town or a rural area. Many people are moving away from these areas because there is no work. I work off of the Internet so I can benefit by the lower rental rates available in these areas. Buhl Idaho is much cheaper for rent than New York City, but if I could afford to I would love to live in New York City for 6 months.

Wintertime is rapidly coming up on us and I hope the cold weather and the snowstorms will keep more people inside the house and surfing the Internet. More people stuck inside will mean I will have more writers snagging up the best available topics on TextBroker but it should also lead to higher earnings here on InfoBarrel as more people are surfing the Internet.

November is chocked full of possible distractions but as long as I can keep up on my TextBroker writing I will be able to not only meet my monthly income goals for this month but also be able to surpass them.

I remember when I earned $150 in one month from writing and thought that was simply amazing. Now I earn close to that amount each month with Adsense earnings from InfoBarrel without even doing any work. I cannot wait for the time in the future when I look back and think "Jeez, I can't believe I was that happy making ONLY $1,200 a month from writing".

Writing for TextBroker will provide the bulk of my earnings for November but I also have a few private clients who I will do some articles for as well as adding to my passive income by writing for TextBroker and Examiner.

I do not want to spread myself to thin with multiple side projects such as web forums or niche blog websites so this month I will be writing a lot and downsizing some of my distractions. Writing online full-time is cool, but it can also suck.

Oftentimes you may feel burned out. I felt burned out a few weeks ago when I wrote 30 articles in 2 days that all dealt with Tramadol and other prescription drugs. One of the great ways to fight that burned out feeling is by splitting up your work.

If I want to take a break from writing for TextBroker I can write a few Examiner articles about bicycles or I can write on almost any topic I desire on InfoBarrel. As long as I keep writing consistently I will earn enough to pay my bills this month, but I do need to focus most of my writing for TextBroker.

The new month begins in a few hours and I will be getting a head start on my writing by writing some TextBroker articles right after midnight. This month will be a good month writing for me.