The problem that many of us face as the weather gets colder is the fact that the change of pace can be downright debilitating. The long warm days are long gone and instead we are left with shorter, cold, and many times cloudy, days. Essentially, it's a big slap in the face to getting exercise of any kind outside. And this is where the problems start for many when it comes to staying fit and healthy.

If it's cloudy, cold, and rainy outdoors then who the heck is going to want to venture out and go for a jog? Of course you've got your die hard joggers who will jog no matter what kind of weather there is, but for the most part, people aren't so keen on exercising outside if the weather is crappy. This is the dilemma; what is one to do in terms of exercise when the days are short, cloudy, and cold for the most part?

And obvious answer would be to gear up and wear the right fitness clothing for colder weather so that the colder weather is no longer an issue (or at least not as much of an issue). But then, not everyone is so keen on working out outside when it's cold out even if they're wearing warmer fitness clothing. So, do you just suck it up?

What you need to do in order to stay healthy and stay fit during these colder months is actually think for a moment as to how you're going to acclimate yourself and your fitness routine. However, first thing's first, what you need not do is not gorge yourself with unhealthy foods like so many do when they're forced indoors as a result of the cold weather. You really need to keep an eye on your eating habits so you don't balloon up because it does happen to lots of folks.

Alright, so how to adjust yourself? There are plenty of options, it's just a matter of what works for you. You could invest in some sort of exercise equipment for your home (or start using a piece of equipment you already have), start going to the gym and do your cardio or resistance training there, join a local sports league, do some kind of winter sport, and so on and so forth.

The fact of the matter is that there are tons of ways to stop yourself from "letting go" during the colder months of the year, you just need to push yourself and get yourself involved with something. A great way to keep yourself to a fitness regime is to get a workout buddy but it ultimately all comes back to you and your willpower concerning staying on top of your health.