Staying motivated is like nurturing a delicate seedling....

Staying Motivated
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Tips for How to Stay Fully Motivated

It is high time to take stock of your life when you feel that the dark clouds of depression are gathering or couch potato apathy beckons. Everybody knows that staying motivated is the key to a happy and successful life. But how to achieve this in the crazy modern world of boom and slump, where the hiring and firing mentality reigns supreme?

Jobs for life are gone, and it is a pretty brutal world out there now. On the last day of the last term while at University the Dean gave a lecture describing the world we were all about to enter. This was in1981 and the audience of newly graduated students was just stunned. What dramatic words did he use to get such a reaction? He described our future as the “Management of Decline”…. and in many ways that is exactly what many of us have come to experience.

Staying motivated, while simultaneously trying to balance a positive career with the reality of managing real decline can be a tough call. It requires stamina, stubbornness and above all self worth. If you don’t believe in yourself then nobody else will either. A modern career is a complete rollercoaster ride of promotions, demotions, being hired, being fired, having to hire others….and then having to fire them. In the end there is only you, yourself and your conscience.

Your personal life can also be splattered with traumas such as ill health, battles against addiction or being betrayed by a partner. This is modern reality, and we all have to face issues like this at some point. We all have the opportunity to slide into the abyss of drink, drugs, lethargy or over indulgence. Alternatively we can choose to stay positive and motivated. We can step up to the challenge and use our personal strengths to help us pull through. Staying motivated in these situations is a key survival skill. Nobody teaches this skill, it is something that everybody has to learn for themselves…since the solution for each person is different.

But motivation is about more than just survival; it is the very key to your self worth. If you are not happy with some aspect of your life then draw on your reservoir of motivation and you can change it! Maybe you are not happy with your job; ok then change it. Maybe you are overweight, well start eating sensibly and get more exercise. Yes, I know these words are very easy to write and much more difficult to actually do. However, if you are fully motivated then you have the power to take the future into your own hands, rather than just sit back and take what is thrown at you.

Like the Dean foresaw, it looks like we will all be dealing with the “Management of Decline” for quite a while to come. If you learn to nurture your motivation then you will be well equipped to live a happy and successful life, while all around you there is turmoil and chaos. You will discover that staying motivated is like slowly peeling an onion. Each challenge you survive enables you to peel back another layer of the skin. Eventually you reach the core - at which point you are fully fuelled with confidence and self worth. Every successive new challenge becomes easier and easier because you hold the keys to the future in your own hands. Stay motivated and take control!