Staying motivated to lose weight or even just keeping up a regular exercise regime can be difficult in the long term. However, one way to increase motivation is to log your exercise and chart progress making use of a program such as Map My Run.

What is Map My Run?

Map My Run is a free online program which allows the user to log a whole range of activities on both the exercise and diet side of the equation. Despite the original programs name, any exercise can be logged from gym workouts to bike rides and swimming.

The addition of some personal information such as age and current weight will also allow the program to help the user calculate the amount of calories burned in a session dependent upon the type of exercise and time taken to complete the workout.

Map My Run – Using The Maps

As the name suggests, it is the maps that are the central feature of the program. In this case the user can log workouts by entering a time taken for any of the maps already created by other users of the system. Alternatively, the create a map function is an easy to use tool which allows the user to create a map calculating the distance and elevation automatically. Maps can then either be shared with the community or kept for private use.

If looking for inspiration, there is also a search function which allows the user to search for maps and routes in the local area adding specific criteria such as minimum or maximum length.

Linking Map My Run to Facebook and Social Networks

One of the most motivating aspects of Map My Run may be the link that one can activate to set up a feed between the program and a social networking site. A popular link allows the program to post every workout you log on your Facebook account thus providing that extra incentive to “go the extra mile.”

In addition one can also invite friends to use the program thus adding a community and slightly competitive edge to the application and providing that extra element of motivation.

All in all, Map My Run and its derivative programs are a great way to have some fun and log your weight loss and fitness progress. The community aspects of the program as well as the ability see your progress overtime should see motivation levels improve on those days when the arm chair seems more appealing than pounding the pavement.