Why is that our bodies decide to hate us when we decide to do something to make it healthier and happier? Having been on a high protein/low carbohydrate weight loss plan for 4 months, my body has finally hit that plateau that will not go away. I have lost 38 pounds and have 30 more pounds to go, but for 7 weeks, my body has decided to halt and I am left wondering how other people are able to stay motivated when their best efforts seem to have gone over the falls.

1. Remember why you started this journey to begin with - Deciding to lose weight is a big step in anyone's life. It is a definite decision to change your entire life. You can't eat what you used to eat, you can't eat as much as you used to, you have to change your drinking habits, most diets require more water intake, less soda and coffee intake (the elixir of life for most of us!). However, if we started this with the full intention of making ourselves healthier, are we really doing ourselves any favors if we stop before we are considered healthy?

2. Keep looking forward to those dropping numbers - even when times are tough and the numbers do not move or (Heaven forbid) move in the wrong direction. Think back to how elated you have been when you have seen the numbers fall, how good you felt about yourself, the sense of accomplishment. It's time to strive toward that goal again and you may need to make some real changes in order to do that effectively so that the scales move again.

3. Pick up a nice outfit or bathing suit, pair of pants that are a size too small and keep trying them on each week, checking to see how much closer you are to fitting in to them. Nothing makes us feel any better than slipping in to a smaller size!

4. Keep in mind that while the numbers may not be moving in the right direction, your body just might be. It is important to keep measurements on yourself and that way you can know whether your efforts are paying off in less obvious ways than that flashing number on the box we all seem to regard with disgust.

5. Discipline yourself to weigh only at specific intervals. Weighing yourself daily is a recipe for disaster because our bodies fluctuate so much even throughout the day.

Losing weight is hard work, but the payoff is tremendous and the feeling of accomplishment and pride is well worth the effort that we put in to it. Bottom line, hang in there! If you keep doing it right, it will start to pay off again!