Being positive not negative

We need to stay positive

This world is filled with negativity. We never see good things on the news, only things that depress us or keep us in fear of the future or the unknown. When talking to people bad news will always spread like wildfire while good news travels slowly. We have seen over time that a negative society is a sick society. People are more depressed and on more medication for emotional problems than ever before. How did we end up this way? Why are we so drawn as humans to the negative instead of the positive? Certainly nobody says to themselves "I want to be negative and talk negative" but the philosophy that follows is certainly not reflective of that. We should want to be happy and positive instead of negative but with the way this world can one live this way?

Think Positive

It all starts with our thinking

The first step in staying positive in a negative world is to be conscious of the way we think. When something happens do we always gravitate to the negative or positive? Most of the time we tend to lean towards the negative because this is how the world reacts to things. But if we take our thoughts captive and make a conscious effort to look at the good and not the bad it will start to affect the way you think. It all begins in the mind. If your mind thinks something your body reacts to it, that's just the way we are. So take some time each day to reflect on all the good and positive things in your life. Don't look at the bills, the job, the family problems, the depressing news. Instead look at the good things in your life like you have a job, a family, a roof over your head, electricity, internet; the list goes on! Starting with this first step is key to countering all of the negativity this world indulges in.

Get active

Get active and involved

Getting active and involved is another way that we can keep ourselves positive. Society today is driven by indoor lazy activities. We socialize on Skype and Facebook now instead of get togethers, we sit and watch TV and use the internet all day after work instead of getting exercise and doing active things, we dread work instead of embrace it. We as a society are sitting around more than running around. Back before this technology boom people were more active outdoors, more social with people, more involved with activities and groups. We can see from this time of human history while it wasn't perfect, depression and negativity weren't nearly as high! People were generally more happy and content. Now today we are indoors and sitting around. No wonder we are becoming more negative! People tell me "I wish I could get out more but x reason and y reason keep me from doing that." Cut back on these things and get more active! Start small and work different things that stretch you into your mornings and evenings and you will start to see a world of difference.

Can do not can't do

Change the words you speak

Another important thing we must to do stay positive in this negative world is change the way we talk. So many people are talking about what they can't do instead of what they can. They say what they are incapable of doing instead of what they are capable of doing. It's become such a normal thing that people today don't even realize it. I was in a class one time that dealt with this way of talking and people would say things without even realizing what they were confessing and speaking. It would even shock people when the instructor pointed all the negative things out. They would unconsciously gravitate to negative words and what they couldn't do. We aren't going to be able to do everything, so why dwell on what we can't do and say it? Why not change our thinking and focus on what we are capable of doing and what we are qualified to do? This simple yet profound change can start to transform your way of thinking, thus the outcome is more positive instead of negative.

The power of suggestion

Here's something powerful with the way our minds work. Have you ever noticed that when someone suggests something we start to feel it? I can think back to a time when someone said they had a condition that caused her skin to itch. After that I noticed that everyone in the class throughout the day was scratching and itching like I've never seen. It wasn't because they had a skin condition as well, it was the power of suggestion. We thought about that itch and it started manifesting in our thoughts which translated to our bodies. This is the power of suggestion. Our minds react to the words and the environment around us. So let's try this; instead of suggesting negative things, try suggesting positive things. Ever notice that when someone who's laughing a lot is in a room everyone else starts to smile and laugh around them? It's because the mind perceives funny and then we translate that to our bodies. Think of the potential that we could have if we turn negative suggestions into positive ones.

Many small changes add up over time

These are just a few of the many things we can do to change our ways. If we become more self aware of what we are thinking, doing, and saying then we can change our attitude to be more positive and not negative. We don't have to be depressed and say the negative things we hear on the news and what people say. Instead we can look at the good things in life and that mindset will break bondages and set you free. Choose to change your attitude today and begin to see breakthroughs you never thought possible.