Sorority Sister Attending fraternity parties is a common part of college social life. Sometimes, however, sorority sisters may find themselves in less than safe situations. Fraternity parties can be a lot of fun, but there are some precautions women can take to be safe as well. Follow these simple guidelines to keeping safe when mingling with fraternity brothers at parties, formals and semi-formal events.

Drinking is a regular part of college parties, and fraternity parties are no exception. Deciding what you drink and how much is important to avoiding a dangerous situation. Usually, available drinks will include alcoholic punch (in an Igloo cooler or pitchers), beer in a keg, or beer in a can. Avoid pre-prepared drinks like punch or beer in pitchers, as there is no way to know how much alcohol they contain. Beverages from sealed containers like cans, bottles or a keg will ensure you know exactly what you're getting. At the same time, you'll want to make sure you keep your drink in your hand to avoid having roofies or other drugs introduced into your drink. Obviously, avoid taking illegal drugs at any time. Drink in moderation to keep from becoming drunk, which may impair your ability to make good decisions.

If you plan to drink at a fraternity party, make sure you have a designated driver to bring you home. Some sororities implement a designated driving program where sisters volunteer to wait at the sorority house by the phone, ready to pick up sisters at parties or the bar. Others will keep sisters' car keys to be returned only if they are sober. No matter what, drinking and driving or riding with an impaired driver is a horrible decision which could lead to the endangerment or death of you, other passengers and other drivers or pedestrians. If your designated driver drinks or leaves the party before you, find another sober driver, or call a cab to make sure you get home safely.

Each woman should choose another sister to be her "buddy" for the night. Each is responsible for ensuring the safety of the other. Ask your sister for her cell phone number in case of emergency. Check in with your buddy regularly to make sure she is out of harm's way and that she isn't overdoing it with her alcohol consumption. Both buddies should leave together, being sure to have a safe ride home. In the event that you lose track of your buddy, you should call her cell phone to find out where she is or enlist other sisters to locate her in the fraternity house.

Stay in the common area with your other sorority sisters. Do not allow yourself to be led into a fraternity brother's room, and let your buddy or another sister know if you are using the restroom. Do not go outside without another sister present. If you meet a nice guy and want to get to know him, arrange to meet him at a public place later in the week. Don't allow yourself to be sweet-talked into breaking these rules, or you could find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

None of these guidelines are meant to frighten you away from attending fraternity parties or events. Go, mingle, and have fun, but be smart! Don't find yourself in a situation where you might put yourself in physical danger. Work together with your sorority's social chairwoman to brainstorm plans your sisters can use to keep partying safe. Don't overdo it when drinking, keep an eye on your fellow sisters, and avoid situations where you are alone with a fraternity brother. Fraternity events can be an entertaining part of being in a sorority so long as you play it safe.