Eight Basic Rules To Keeping Yourself Safe At A Hotel

Better Safe Than Sorry While Traveling

Whenever you travel, you need to make certain that both you and your belongings are safe from possible threats. It is an unfortunate fact of life that tourists and travelers often fall victim to predators. The following tips will ensure your safety while you stay at a hotel and keep your belongings in the possession of their rightful owner. Never feel foolish or that you are over reacting when it comes to your safety in a strange place.

1. Make certain your hotel door is always locked. Double-check it when you are leaving and keep it boltedWhen staying at a hotel, always keep your door boltedCredit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=2680 from the inside while you are there. Do not leave your room unlocked, even for a quick trip to an ice or vending machine. Make a habit of checking the locks before bed time and showers, just to be on the safe side. It may sound over the top, but your vigilance is the only thing standing between you and potential loss or harm. "Better safe than sorry" is a wise motto for every traveler.

2. When approaching your room to enter, have your key ready. Fumbling for it could leave you vulnerable to anyone who would force entry or take advantage of your distractedness. Think ahead and have only your key in hand, making sure your wallet is tucked in your purse or pocked. Make a mental note of how the hall looks under normal circumstances and be alert to anything unusual or someone potentially lurking.

3. Always protect your valuables when they are not in your sight. The best place for them is a hotel safe if possible. Otherwise, keep them well hidden or in places someone would not think to look for them. Of course, leaving things that are irreplaceable or that have sentimental value at home is the safest course of action, but if you must bring them, keep them guarded at all times.

4. Under no circumstances should you ever open your hotel door for an unexpected knock. If you do not know who is behind it, talk through the door until you are certain. If the visitor claims to be hotel staff, call the front desk to verify. No matter how innocent or convincing a stranger sounds, do not open the door to them.

5. Do not discuss your hotel arrangements with strangers. Even if it just comes up in casual conversation, try to avoid giving out any specific details. Although most people who might ask where you are staying do so innocently, it simply is not worth the risk to tell them where you can be found or inadvertently tell them there is nobody in your room at that time.

6. Keep in contact with hotel staff. Call the front desk ahead of time to let them know when you will be checking out. Smile at the doorman and make a quick inquiry about the restaurant you are off to dinner at. Be highly visible in your interactions with staff and appear confident. Looking like you are alone or timid will make you seem vulnerable.

Make Sure You Interact with the Hotel Staff(81860)

7. Never enter the elevator with a stranger, unless you have someone else that you are traveling along with. Irregardless of how innocent, small or trustworthy they appear, elevators are simply too isolated and cannot be exited in a hurry. Ask hotel staff to accompany you, or wait for others to join in the elevator ride.

8. Whenever you are out of your room, afford the appearance of actually being there. Leave a small radio on softly, turned to a talk program so that only mumblings of voices can be heard from outside your door. Keep the drapes drawn and do not make use of the signs that indicate you wish to have your room made-up by a housekeeper.

Always tuck your valuables out of sight in your hotel room(81861)Credit: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1039

Basic common sense will go a long way in keeping you safe and protecting your property. Maintain a constant awareness of your environment and be vigilant. If ever you sense something is a miss, trust your instincts and err on the side of caution. Keep these sensible tips in mind whenever you are staying at a hotel for greater security and peace of mind.