Learning to ride a bike is essentially first and foremost about learning how to stay on it, and stay safe. Mastering the basic techniques is always going to come first ahead of learning any tricks or stunt moves. And it is important to bear in mind that falling off a bike is something of an occupational hazard when you're learning. As you get a feel for your balance however, and as you become more confident, you'll soon start to get the hang of it.

Regardless of whether you're new to the sport of BMXing or you're a seasoned veteran, safety is always going to be an important factor. It is just as easy to pick up an injury going slowly as it is to hurt yourself while thundering down a ramp at 25 miles an hour. Novices and seasoned pros alike rely on quality safety equipment to ensure that if they do come off their BMX, any injuries are going to be minimal.

One of the most important pieces of safety kit is always going to be a BMX helmet. Always look to purchase the best quality helmet that you can afford as this piece of kit is what could prevent you from sustaining a serious head injury in the event of an incident. BMX helmets can be widely found in full-face versions for the highest level of protection, as well as the classic round design. Always make sure it fits properly, always make sure you buy the best you can afford and always wear it when you're on the bike.   

Knee and elbow pads are another form of protection favoured by BMX riders. Ideal for helping to prevent cuts and swelling following hard impacts, protection pads are a must for anyone involved in the sport. In a similar vein, shin guards and shin pads are worn by many riders these days as they offer an extra level of protection in the event of a fall. Likewise, cycling gloves can play a significant role when it comes to protecting your hands from cuts and scrapes and are certainly worthwhile considering.

Advances in technology mean that many of the safety items on sale now are made from highly breathable materials and so can be worn comfortably for long periods of time – ideal if you are taking part in a competition.

You might wonder what possible safety benefits a good quality cycling jersey can provide, but you'd be surprised. For starters, it gives you some covering on your bare arms and can help to protect your skin should you come off. However, one of the main advantages is the fact that a brightly coloured BMX jersey will ensure that you are always going to be spotted if you're on the road. You might not be too keen on neon colours, but making sure that other road users know you're there is essential and will go a long way towards keeping you safe on a BMX bike.

Regardless of whether you're new to the sport of BMX or you've been riding for years, purchasing good quality safety equipment and making sure that it remains in good condition is essential and is without doubt the key to helping to avoid nasty injuries.