There can be a handful of reasons why one chooses to stay up for the night. Either it can be whether you’re waiting for an important call, waiting for your favorite late night TV show, burning brows finishing your thesis, or anything that brings you a reason to stay up all night. 

Is it just me or it really is remarkably strange that every now and then, it’s a lot easier to get a good sleep straightaway when we chose not to and finds it hard to do so on the contrary?        

  • Chat Galore ~ You may want to visit chat rooms and do something that some people love doing, flaming. Well of course it’s clearly up to you whether or not you’re comfortable doing such childish things in the mean time. Moreover, there are still lots of options left that you can do inside online chatting aside from flaming anyway. How about you try to find someone you really attracted at, and if by chance, he or she might be online. Now who would ever try to fall asleep amidst a conversation with someone you really like and potentially might be someone you can go out with if you’re lucky enough.
  • Porn Marathon ~ I need not to elaborate things with such obvious reasons. But anyways, in scientific basis, it stimulates our mind and body thus promotes blood circulation beyond its normal flow. Precisely, indeed it can keep us alive and awake within a considerable amount of time. But unfortunately, we sure can’t ignore its minor setbacks subsequently after carrying out the said alternative process.
  • Fear Factor ~ Read or watch something profoundly spooky; like ghost stories, demonic encounters and manifestations, alien abduction, etc. And nothing can be a lot better if they were based on true stories that really did actually happen in real life. By then, I severely doubt sleeping can be like of a breeze afterwards. This might sound a little bit far off and disturbing, but like I said, who would ever like to fall asleep when you feel like someone is watching you by the window, or hearing whispers coming out from your walls, catch movements from the corners of your eyes, or anything else unusual. On this case, this’ll absolutely leave you mentally wired and alert until you reach the following morning. So, good luck.