Date Night Ideas

This is a stay at home date night plan that I was told about by a friend.  It seems that a couple they know have been doing this stay at home date night for a while now with a lot of success.  The whole plan is based on them having a wine membership site ship them a  bottle of wine each month  as part of the wine club.

They basically base the night around the wine that they get each month.  They wait for the bottle to be shipped to them and then they planned a meal and entertainment around that.  They said that it was both romantic and educational (they also want to learn more about wines) .

This worked out well for them because they did actually have the planned date night.  The wine was already paid for, already shipped and it became a special event for them each month.

Then there was the romantic side of it.  They would have a candle light dinner, sometimes a foreign film on DVD, or sometimes they just had an iPod loaded with dance music that they dance the night away to.  There date night at home with wine was very romantic.

Needless to say, the cost of the date night at home was nowhere near what it would cost them to go out on the town.  They also didn’t have to pay for parking, stand in line or leave a tip.

If this is something you would like to try, you are going to need to find a good wine club to join. From my searching, I would suggest that you look at the Cellars Wine Club.  It  has one of the best bottle of the month club on the net. 

First, if you are a Boones Farm kind of wine drinker, then this program probably isn’t for you. Second, you need to think “Big Picture”. Buy the whole 12 month plan and commit to having a date night at home at least once a month for a year.

Cellars Wine has a program is called Single Bottle Club.  You can select red or white wine and once a month you will have a “mystery” bottle from just about anywhere in the world sent to your home.  Those are 2 big selling points for me.  Having it automatically sent to my home and not having to try to decide which wine to pick.

I am cheap, so at first I thought maybe the prices were on the high side (you take 12 times anything and it will be high).  But after looking at the prices again, they compare to what I would spend locally and if you add in the shipping cost, I probably am getting a really good deal on the price.

If I find a wine that I really like, I can also buy more bottles of it from them.  This would also be a good idea for gift giving or if we were to have an “unscheduled” date night at home.

I do not see any negative points to the club (I guess it would be negative if you got a wine you really couldn’t stand) I would recommend that you plan a date night at home centered around a bottle of wine.