Staying at Home - Ways to Beat the Heat

Many people think that staying at home during the summer means that you must be stuck inside with nothing to do all summer.  But there are many ways to beat the heat that do not involve swimming, standing in front of a water hose, or going to a water-themed amusement park.  While those are certainly fun, it seems like that spending time in the water is the only thing people think to do when the sun is burning down on us.  Here are 5 other things that I like to do to beat the heat.

Take in a baseball game

I know what you're thinking.  It's 100 degrees outside and I'm telling you to go sit under the sun.  There are ways to beat the heat even at a baseball game.  First of all, have an idea of where the sun sets in relation to the stadium.  Does it set behind the first base stands?  Then that's where you should sit.  For a 7 pm game, you'll be in the shade from the moment you find your seats.  Second, for that 7 pm game the sun will be down by the 4th inning.

Baseball games are great family time.  They are relaxing and most stadiums, whether minor or major league, have fun activities for the kids.  Plus, while the air may be hot, the air is fresh.  Much fresher than my living room.

Read a great book

Turning off the tv is the first step to beating the heat and reading a great book.  There are so many great books out there that you can fly through several of them during the summer.  Pick out a series of books and make it through a trilogy.  Or find a favorite author and read as many of his or her books as you can.

It was a thrill for me last summer to discover how much I loved Larry McMurtry's work.  I spent last summer and this summer reading as many of his novels as I can get my hands on.

Find a new board game

This might be a tough one if you do not enjoy board games.  But seriously, who doesn't like board games?  We all have our old standbys that we like to play when we have the time.  But why not search out a new one the next time you go to the store?  While technically not a "board" game, my family recently discovered Farkle.  It has provided us a lot of fun while staying cool indoors. 

So go out and get yourself a new board game and be happy that you found another way to beat the heat.


Whether it's in a gym or outside, exercising is a great way to beat the heat.  I know it can be tough to get to a gym when you start sweating in the car before you even get to the gym, but it's such a good feeling once you get there.  No one who walks in a gym wishes they had stayed home.

But even if you don't want to get to a gym, you can still exercise outside.  If you wait until dusk, it is not as hot and you get the fresh air that you won't get at a gym (or your living room).  With the sun staying up so late you can wait until the air has cooled off enough for your liking.

Also, everyone would like to look a little better at the pool.  Exercising can help with that.

Have a Barbeque

Cooking out is a great way to beat the heat, even if you have to be in the heat for a little while in order to cook.  The most fun cooking out is when you invite some family or friends over for a good time.  Eventually you will have a gallery watching you grill and you'll be sharing in some laughs with some good people.  Being out in the heat is much more fun when there are other people there to take your mind off things.

Plus, once the cooking is done you have some excellent food.  Good friends and good food, two things that make life much easier.

It's easy to complain when things get so hot that you feel like you're stuck inside.  But cheer up because with a little energy you can make it until those cooler months of the fall show up.