If you want to get more traffic to a web site, an article or an ebook, you must understand the power of keywords, to be successful. A keyword is a phrase that people use in search engines. To go to your web property, they must find it first. The big search engines deliver traffic based on keywords. If you highlight the right keywords, you get traffic. If not, the search engine cannot deliver anyone to your site. It is that simple, and important.

What is a Keyword?
A keyword is a number of words, (1 or more), which are entered into a search engine by a potential visitor to your web site. The search engine examines its index of sites that have keywords that match the search term. If there is a suitable match, the visitor is shown the corresponding web site in a custom list called the search results.

How do you Find the Right Keywords?
It is important to find the right keywords, those that are active in search engines. They must match your web site and the search engine must make the connection between your site and the active searches. You can simply guess, but your chance of great success is low.

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer
This application is great at finding the right words for your web site to highlight. Given a list of potentials, it examines the internal index structure of search engines and returns a great deal of information about each one. The information is vital to content publishers, anyone who administers a web site or writes electronic articles for the Internet. When it has finished reviewing the search engine, it presents a thorough list ranked by the simple words "Amazing", "Great", "Good", "Bad" or "Terrible". Obviously, the "amazing" keywords are best to include in your content.

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer - Actual Satisfied User's ReviewCredit: Javrsmith

Stealth Program Suite
The competition analyzer is now available in a package with the search digger application. Together, these two application work together to provide the one-two punch that you need for a web site. Each of these programs works very well. By linking them together, you find great keywords for you. I have used these programs together and found many excellent terms for my purposes. I find that the results are so useful that I have Stealth programs running at all times. The first set of terms generated so much traffic to my content that my investment in the tool was covered in short order.

If you publish articles on a web site, you provide information on a niche site, or you need to perform Internet analysis. The Stealth program suite is fantastic because it performs the work that you can do by yourself, but the programs do it incredibly quickly. There are no tricks involved with its analysis. This is great because you don't want to exploit angles that later get deemed illegal by the big search engines. Stealth uses regular "White Hat" techniques, activities that are destined to stand the test of time. Try it and you will find that you, too, keep it running, generating those excellent search terms that are lucrative for your purposes as well.