Steam cleaners are the latest craze in home cleaning. This is easy to understand, as steamers come with a few important advantages that make them preferred by many housewives. The fact that they clean exclusively with water transformed into steam is enough to convince families with small children or pets to buy and use them.

One of the most popular is the chemical free cleaning steamer Wagner. Its main edge is that it comes with two extension tubes and with a few heads that turn it into a multipurpose home cleaning equipment. It can clean surfaces, it can remove wallpaper, it can sanitize kitchen fixtures and bath tubs. All these are possible thanks to the power of hot steam. Because of the high temperatures, germs and bacteria are instantly killed, therefore this type of cleaning can be a wise choice for allergic people. Dust mites are shattered, like all those acarians or other micro-organisms that live together with us and make life a hell for more sensitive people.

Such steam cleaners propel the hot steam jet at a distance big enough to clean even in places that are hard to reach with common cleaning tools such as mops or brooms or dusters. As the steam evaporates very quickly after getting in touch with the surface to be cleaned, it is safe to use even on those floating hardwood floors, because it won't cause them any damage. Usually, these machines operate only when a button is pressed and kept under pressure. This makes them children-safe, because accidents aren't possible: if the user gets in some sort of trouble and drops the handle on the floor, the steam stops, so it won't accidentally burn anybody in its action range.

In terms of pricing, steam cleaners aren't the cheapest of all cleaning solutions, but if we think that we can save a lot of money on not buying cleaning detergents and other chemicals, it can be cost-effective in the long run. Then, before purchasing, you can investigate the market a bit deeper, because you may find out that you can buy a no-name steamer which is as efficient as the "as seen on TV" ones which are definitely more expensive, but which do practically the same job. Steamers are used by people involved in real estate rental businesses, like "inchirieri apartamente Ploiesti", for preparing the properties for welcoming their new tenants.

As many of these devices are specialized, in case you don't have a large storage space, you may want to consider buying a multipurpose one and only switch the heads for using it on different items and surfaces.