When fast-paced lifestyles and work pressures threaten to drive you insane and wreak havoc on your overall health, nothing beats the invigorating feel of a steam bath. A good steam shower can be a really decadent experience for the senses, especially when included in one's home bath.

What's great about a mind & body-cleansing steam bath is that it helps the body sweat to unclog and cleanse pores. Hot vapors that purify skin not only clean but serve as mild exfoliant to eliminate dead skin cells.

A hot steam bath can ease muscle strain, improve blood circulation and promote metabolism. You can double the pleasant feeling when your steam shower design not only promotes sensual healing but are also a joy to behold.

Make way for visually appealing steam shower units that more and more well-heeled homeowners are clamoring for. Indeed, those who want to deviate from conventional bath designs are opting for amenities once reserved for fitness facilities or spas found outside the home.

Nowadays, opulent homes have master baths with steam `cabins' or elegant enclosures providing ultimate comfort to users. An example of a modern steam shower option is a simple but cleverly designed glass steam shower enclosure complete with padded seats with backrest, or a bench that can seat a couple who may want to share a rejuvenating steam bath experience.

Most of these units incorporating modern steam shower design come in contemporary colors. Some owners throw in other bath innovations that utilize state-of-the-art technology to complete their steam bath experience.

New customer requirements have prompted designers to customize the cold, utilitarian nature of a steam shower or bath enclosure or the entire bathroom, presenting more attractive options for homeowners.

With the advent of ergonomic technology and spa-like hydrotherapy systems or special therapeutic treatment called chromatherapy (which uses colored light to soothe the senses and is based on the principle that colors correspond to specific body areas known as "chakras" or spiritual energy centers), a glamorous steam shower experience has taken a new twist.

Advanced technology and evolving consumer tastes & requirements, in the end, largely influence steam shower designs and other modern bathroom shower enclosures and trends.