So why do I love steam showers so much? First off, they feel absolutely amazing. After a long day at the office and sitting in traffic for hours, bathing in steam really helps to calm my mind and relax my entire body. Everything feels better, the tension in my shoulder is finally released like air being let out of the tires. It's so easy to build up tension in your body these days. There's all this work to be done and so little time. Everyone wants a piece of you but there's only one of you go around. Your focus and attention can only be divided up into so many ways. By the time you get home, you realized you're completely spent and perhaps even too tired to rest. Haha--what a concept!

So back to the steam shower, what do they do? Well, the room is completely enclosed. Usually a tranquil, quiet, peaceful place. Very zen like and calming. You're expected to relax here, remember? You simply sit down, lean against the wall and start the steam. Within seconds, (or minutes depending on your steam generator model), hot steam fills up the room engulfing you in a surprisingly relaxing experience. Once completely warmed up, my muscles feel like they're beginning to melt. My whole body feels like it's turning to putty. My muscles are finally taking a rest--FINALLY! The shoulders fall down, the legs hang limply, and my neck just relaxes itself against the wall. All the hours and hours that I put on my body is finally bet let out.

Mentally, I feel like I'm letting go as well. I just stop caring about the world, job duties, meaningless chores around the house that always need to be done. The worries and stresses of the world don't seem to bother me any more. I can't help but smile when my body is in heaven like this. It's as though the heat is clearing my mind. I start to think clearer, realizing that not everything that has to be done is important. I'm finally able to relax my mind and just think about myself for once.

By the time all the stress has left my mind, I realize my body is feeling brand new again. My body feels loose, relaxed, rejuvenated, and STRESS FREE!!! I stupidly wonder to myself every single time, "Was that all it was?" Was that all it takes? Was I only a steam shower away from happiness? For many other people, steam showers are useful because of all sorts of healthy benefits, glowing skin, respiratory aid, blah blah blah. I love steam showers because they feel great and truly relax my mind and body.