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So what is Steampunk? It is hard to define, but as a genre of fashion, literature and film, it gets plenty of inspiration from the Victorian era, fantasy, science fiction and of course the steam engine. The punk part, seems to be a reference to the genre's rebellion and manipulation, of conservative aspects of the Victorian era and early technology,  into something futuristic. 

“It’s sort of Victorian-industrial, but with more whimsy and fewer orphans.”

 Caitlin Kittredge

Sartorial Steampunk

Steampunk-styled arm prosthesis by Thomas Willeford,Credit: Wikipedia


Fantasy Films

Steampunk is big on unconventional fantasy and cool contraptions. If you have watched films like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Wild, Wild West, starring Will Smith, you will already have some idea what steampunk is. If you like the vibe of the Victorian era, Sherlock Holmes and Mary Shelly's Frankenstein, you are likely to appreciate Steampunk. Just throw in a touch of the mad scientist and crazy genius inventor and you're away.

Festival of Steampunk

IronfestCredit: my photo



Curious Contraptions

One interesting, inventive and quaint aspect of the steampunk subculture, is the contraptions and gadgets, which have been adapted and created. Like, Victorian style computers, with wood grain and brass knobs. Or the modification of other things like guitars, motor bikes or clocks, which become hybrid antique, futuristic creations.  What a glorious concept!

A Quaint ComputerSteampunk Computer(92605)Credit: By vonslatt Flickr

Memorable Mobiles



Steampunk VehicleCredit: Flickr By joestump


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More Steampunk Style

Because steampunk is so fantastical and curious, I have added some extra photos below, that I took at a Steampunk festival. I thank the unique individuals who allowed me to take their photos.

Sassy Steampunk

A Lovely LadyCredit: my photo

Man Style steampunk


Intriguing Style SIrCredit: Flickr Topgold

 Ladies and Gentleman


How Do You Do?Credit: my photo