A quality lugged fixed gear bicycle is a unique riding experience, especially if you have never rode a quality fixed gear bicycle. A single speed bicycle is commonly loved by the writers for many reasons including the simplicity of the design. If you are out of shape or live in a hilly area you may not enjoy riding a single speed bicycle.

There are many new implementations and bicycle design and technology including carbon fiber frames and suspension systems this seem to cost more than the shocks for your automobile. With all of the new bicycle technology, it is often nice to return to our past with a quality design they can truly stand the test of time. A lugged steel bicycle with a single speed setup is the iconic bicycle design that will always be with us and for good reason, these bikes take us back to the essence of frame design when quality and durability were deducing factors in quality bike design.

There are a few lugged steel bicycles available from major manufacturers, but most quality lugged steel framed bicycles come from boutique shops, small bicycle producers, and individual designers. A quality lugged fixed gear bicycle can run you thousands of dollars simply for the frame, but the bike builder will build you a one of a kind custom bicycle that is truly designed specifically for you.

I can also pay a lot less for a fixed gear steel lugged bicycle, but you should still expect to pay at least seven hundred dollars or more for a quality steel fixie. A high end steel bicycle will literally last you for the rest of your life.

Fixie BicycleA fixed gear steel lugged bicycle is a fun ride, but you may want this as you're only bike. Oftentimes writers will have other more versatile bicycles that they own. The exception to this is many bicycle messengers, who often will write a fixed gear bicycle day in and day out year round.

The quality of a lugged steel frame is loved not only for the beauty of the simplicity and design, but also for the durability. A steel framed bicycle can take a lot of abuse that carbon fiber frames and cannot. A steel frame can easily be welded if an emergency repair is needed. A still frame is much safer than a carbon fiber frame which often fail and causing injury to the rider.

Reynolds 725 steel is the best quality steel that is used by some manufacturers and bike builders. If you're paying for a custom bike then you will want to ensure that you are getting the best grade of steel and not a lower grade such as Reynolds 500, Reynolds 520, 41030 Cro-moly, or some other variation of lesser grade steel.

If you're looking to add a fun in unique bicycle to your arsenal they consider purchasing steel lugged fixie. This bicycle will probably not be your daily ride, but then again you may find yourself wanting to move to New York City and become a bicycle messenger.