Using a good steel pizza wheel or slicer is really important when it comes to slicing that gourmet pizza you just designed.

Have you ever created the picture perfect one, with the perfect crust and just the right amount of toppings and cheese and it looked great when you put it on the table, only to have all the toppings dragged along with that cheap and dull cutting wheel?

I personally thought that was the way it went.  If the wheel is not sharp enough it is no different that slicing with a dull knife.  If fact many times I have resorted to using a sharp knife, so that it did not look like a disaster when it was being served.

Getting a quality steel pizza wheel with a sharp blade is just as important as the ingredients themselves.  Have you ever seen the size of the wheel in the restaurants and  take-outs?  They just zip the roller through the pizza since it is robust and sharp, and cuts right through those toppings.

You can also spend a fortune on many brand names to get a decent one, but there are more affordable options that work just as well in my opinion, such as this OXO steel wheel.  You want to be using a quality pizza pan as well, since the blade will be sharp and that is why some of those cheaper light-weight aluminum pizza pie pans don’t last very long, as they are eaSteel Pizza Wheelsily scored by the cutting wheel.

You need to use a decent pan, a deep dish pizza pan that is cast iron, is a good place to start.  If you love to make and create your own pizza recipes, then investing in a good pan makes sense.  You can get a quality cutter or wheel at many fine food stores.  But make sure you really have a good look at it.

OXO Steel Pizza Wheel

I have purchased pizza cutters and rollers that I thought would last, but with the cheaper plastic handles and a not so sharp wheel, they did not last long.  Make sure to get one with a good sturdy metal handle and grip as well as a sharp wheel that is not wobbly either.  It should run in a straight line.

You need to be able to slice right through that pepperoni or tomato sitting on top.  OXO makes a amazing cutter or also called a pizza wheel, that is affordable and yet very durable and sharp.  You will want to keep this somewhere safe as it is pretty sharp to just leave in the drawer.  You could accidently grab it when rooting for something else.

A decent wheel or cutter also would make a great gift idea for anyone who loves to make pizza you could pair it up with a cast iron deep dish pan.

You can get these wheels in most kitchen supply stores, and many discount department stores, but you can also get them online at sites such as Amazon too.  Check around and get a quality one so that your pizza stays looking picture perfect even after you slice it.

OXO SteeL Pizza Wheel
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(price as of Aug 18, 2015)
works like a charm without dragging your toppings.