When your dog is home alone, especially a puppy, they might be prone to getting into trouble without their master to look out for them. Steel dog crates provide your loved pet with safety and the protection needed when you're away or asleep. When looking to buy steel dog crates for sale, you'll find great prices online, along with quality steel dog cages for your pet. Steel dog cages can make for good beds for dogs to sleep in. They provide enough spacious room for each dog size to provide proper comfort. They're design so pillows and cushions fit inside to provide your dog with comfortable sleeping space.
Steel dog cages keep even biggest and strongest dogs secured. There are numerous different places to shop for steel dog cages for sale on the internet, or even at your local pet store. Used steel dog cages will be cheaper, but you'll want to make sure used dog cages still provide proper support for your dog. Most steel dog cages come with portable, or folding features making them easy to travel with. Steel dog cages can come in 1, 2, 3 or 4 pad doors. I'll list some steel dog cages for sale in all different sizes. If you don't find what you like, you can search online at places like discountpetssuppliestore, amazon, ebay, or All Pet Furniture for a specific steel dog cage that you have in mind.

Large steel dog cages for sale

Pet Gear the other door steel crate - This makes for a great accessory for large dogs. The steel dog cage comes with a fleece pad for comfort and support for dogs. Features 4 doors with integrated wheels. You can find this dog cage for different sizes online at various different places. The dimension for the large is 31"H x 28" W x 42" L and supports dogs up to 90 pounds. Places to shop for a good price are All Pet furniture, and TEAMPetSupply.com. Prices are on sale under $200 at these places.

Kennel-Aire Cozy Blue Cage - If you're looking for something more spacious for your dog, then the Kennel-Aire Cozy blue can hold up to 160 lbs and comes with steel wire, that provides maximum strength for the strongest dogs. Dimensions are 35" H x 28.5 W x 48" L. Comes with a cam-lock, single door for you dog. The sale price is at a very reasonable $134.99. The only place online to shop is at Drs. Foster and Smith. Crates are also available in different sizes for different prices.

Medium steel dog cages for sale

Midwest Select Triple-Door dog crate - Going for sale at a really great price at Amazon at and Q-based solutions. It's going for a cheaper price at Q-Based solutions for just $48. Retail price for the 30" L x 19 W x 21" H is over $100. It will hold dogs between 26-40 pounds. Comes with a triple door feature, portable and folding features including for travel. The steel wire provides adequate strength and support for your dog. The 36"L x 23"W x 25"H for breeds between 41-70 pounds is on sale between $62-$66 at Opentip.com, amazon, Alpa Pet Store, and Q-based solutions.

Small steel dog cages for sale

Midwest life stages single door - It's a foldable and portable crate made with steel wire. Easy to travel with for puppies or small dogs that weight 11-25 pounds. Size dimensions 24 L X 18 W X 21 H". Cheap prices for the midwest steel dog cage are for sale at places like petstore.com, forhappydogs.com, Q-based Solutions, and proper pet. Prices range from $27-$35. Life stages also comes in single, double, and triple doors for higher prices. The dimensions for dogs 19 pounds or less 22"L x 13W x 16"H is for sale at a cheap price for $23.99 at petsloverspalace.com

xxiCrate double door dog crate - A double door crate made from midwest, that comes in a steel gauge for protection and strength. It's Comes in all sizes. The 24" L x 18" W x 19" H supports dogs from 11-25 lbs. This is the small size, and sale prices can range from $27.71-$30.95 if you shop at Alpha pet store, Value Petmart, doublelonges, and Pet Stuff Warehouse. The extra small size comes in 22"L x 13W x 16"H and is on sale for $30.99. The icrate is also available with just the single door. They're foldable dog crates, easy to travel with.