I joined Infobarrel on May 7, 2014 and after six months published my first progress report. Another half year, give or take a week or two, has passed, so it's time for an update. Things haven't developed in the past six months quite as I'd hoped. But when do things turn out exactly as you dreamed? I've been too busy with other aspects of my life to finish more than a handful of articles - just four since January 1 - and I've put less effort into sharing articles via Facebook (which accounts for 98% of my promotional efforts) and various websites.

My 50th article came out back in October. I've no pending articles, but - as is usual for me - around a dozen in my draft folder. I expect to finish almost all of them eventually.

Money has trickled in, but certainly not in life-changing amounts. To date, I've earned very slightly over US $40 in total, so I've still not reached the US $50 payout threshold! Of the 68 articles I've published (not including this one), 16 have earned more than 50 cents, of which nine have made more than US $1. To date, the best three performers are:

Antique typewriterCredit: Public Domain

1. Six Shocking Facts About Korea (US $10.01, including US $2.87 on a single day).

2. 10 Top Rock-Pop Covers Performed on Traditional Instruments (US $5.30; the best day by far made US $1.42).

3. Asia's Most Beautiful Women (US $2.44; 38 cents on one day).

One surprise was Atheist Politicians Around the World, which came out in the first week of December and earned 29 cents from its first six views - and that was Tier 1 earnings only! But views and earnings quickly slowed down. At the time of writing, it's clocked up just 37 views and 39 cents in revenue.

As usual, the link between page views and income isn't strong. My most lucrative article (the Korea one mentioned above) is my most popular in terms of views; and has made more per 100 views than no. 2 (Traditional Instruments). Asia's Most Beautiful Women is my no. 4 article in terms of readership but per view is more than 50% more lucrative than my third most popular article, 25 Things To Remember When Traveling To Taiwan. Like many other IB writers, I've yet to earn anything from Amazon Affiliate sales.

I'm still not sure being featured makes much difference. That said, my first featured article (Traditional Instruments) soon became my third-best piece in terms of views, and eventually rose to second place. But this featured piece has made me a mere 9 cents!

Despite the meager financial rewards, I still love Infobarrel!