Looking for info on Stem Cell Therapy Anti Wrinkle Cream? You may want to find out if it works before plunking down your hard earned money on another anti-aging product which is sold on TV during the commercial time slots.

Many "as sold on TV" products like Stem Cell Therapy, IRenew Bracelets, and many others come with a number of customer concerns. It is natural to wonder why this anti-aging cream is so different from all the rest or why that product is better and cheaper than all the products to go before it... Usually these products are simply not all they're cracked up to be.

Update: See this post for more on why there are so many positive stem cell therapy cream reviews online.

Also, this was voted the most helpful review of Stem Cell Therapy Cream on Amazon. If you are on the fence on trying this cream out then this may help sway your decision.

Stem Cell Therapy Cream - Does It Work?

Stem Cell Therapy Face CreamBefore making a decision on whether Stem Cell Therapy face cream works you may want to take a closer look at what this product claims to do. Obviously it claims to be an anti-aging anti-wrinkle topical cream but how does it claim to be effective?

This face cream by BioLogic Solutions claims that the stem cells which naturally exist in your skin begin dying off after you get into your thirties. As they become less active they slow in their response to skin damage and slowly the signs of aging sets in. They claim that this face cream will stimulate the stem cells which are already in your skin to jump back into action and heal the fine lines and wrinkles that naturally develop.

So what is it that this topical face cream has in it that could actually do this? It's unclear. The infomercial which sells this Stem Cell Therapy wrinkle cream doesn't actually say what in the cream nor does it say why the cream "stimulates your stem cells in your skin".

How The Best Anti-Aging Creams Work

Most anti-aging creams work through actual scientific findings which are measurable. Some creams work by applying a form of Vitamin A in the form of retinol into the skin. Others work by similarly preventing skin damage just like Retinol does. The other major group of anti-aging creams (some of the most expensive topical creams) work by repairing skin damage at the cellular levels. This would include product types like Idebenone, Peptides, or Coenzyme Q10.

This cream however is a bit of a mystery although because it appears to claim that it both works by halting damage and by repairing damage. Without knowing more however it's hard to make any definitive statements.

Based on the stated retail price of $49.95 on their website this would fit into the price range of cellular repair style anti-wrinkle face creams but even these don't reverse the signs of aging they simply slow the aging process down by promoting a slower rate of skin decline – they don't actually repair damaged skin cells faster than they are regenerated.

To date there has been no known anti-aging cream that actually does reverse the aging process. Many can make the skin appear healthier but the damage has been done by time already and eventually your skin will start showing age. It is hard to argue that Stem Cell Therapy will be any different especially when the facts about why it is supposed to work are so unclear.

Until more facts emerge regarding the overarching merits of using this cream you should stick to the tried and true skin care creams produced by well respected and well known companies. You should also monitor the slew of Stem cell Therapy customer reviews that will slowly begin emerging online – many of these customer reviews will best answer the question of whether Stem cell Therapy Cream works or not. In the mean time try to stay out of the sun, apply retinol face lotion with SPF, and consider some of the higher end anti-aging creams which use Idebenone, Peptides, or Coenzyme Q10 to help keep your skin firm and healthy.