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Calgary Attractions

Travelling to Calgary?  Few Americans may know this without having been to the city or doing prior research, but Calgary has an affinity for old western culture.  The city itself is by all means one of the most modern of Canada’s cities, but if you come into town for during a special occasion, you might just be taken back by what you find.  The Calgary Stampede for instance is a prime example of this.  My suggestion is that you embrace the culture and history, because if you do, you’ll find some tourism gems like Heritage Park. 

If you’re going to Heritage Park, you must understand that it’s broken up into subsections;  each one displaying a fascinating depiction of a different time and place.  For instance:

Heritage Park at night
Credit: http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7070/6927028911_e39c21ee77_z.jpg

The Historical Village

The Historical Village is Canada’s self-proclaimed largest living historical museum.    Decorated and primed with old-western historical artifacts from the 19th and 20th centuries, Historical Park will take you back to one of Canada’s most celebrated cultures.  This section of the park is seasonal and it reopens every May-Oct. but is well worth visiting making a trip back if you miss it.  Some key highlights of the historical village include a working steam locomotive that guests can ride; there are also horse-drawn wagons and which were primary modes of transportation used in the past.

Locomotive Train

The Town Square

Within the Town Square you'll find the Gasoline Alley Museum

Speeding up time a little closer to the 21st century, you'll find within the Town Square.  Within is The Gasoline Alley Museum which holds an eclectic collection of 1930’s automobile memorabilia.  The museum is jam-packed with early 1900’s street signs, automobiles, trolleys and more.  The Gasoline Alley Museum also has its own retro drive-in movie theater. 

 If you’re interested in grabbing a bite to eat while you’re here, or perhaps a quick souvenir, head over Heritage Town Square and you’ll find themed restaurants, gifts and statues; all of which provide for some great photo opportunities.

Gasoline Alley Museum

Gasoline Alley Museum Photo
Credit: http://www.callacbd.ca/conferences/2011/images/Website%20-%20Gasoline%20Alley1.jpg

Travel to Heritage Park

The entrance to Heritage Park may be found at the intersection of SW 14th St. and SW Heritage Dr. in Calgary, Alberta.  The park spans nearly 127 acres of land.  If you’re looking for a place to take some warming aesthetic moments, consider traveling to the edge of the park where you’ll find the Glenmore Reservoir.  There are plenty of Hotels near Heritage Park that are more than accomodating.  Just nearby, you'll also find the Earl Grey Golf Club if you're looking for your next adventure.