Step by Step-How to test gold and silverAre you wondering how to test gold or silver? I was too. So I did a little research and thanks God I did. I didn't know it was this easy. Don't get me wrong, there is a few things that you need to know before you do anything. After you finish reading this step by step article you'll be a pro. Okay not really but you'll know as much as I know now.

I am not an expert I just did a lot a research because I wanted to learn how to do it myself. Let's get started now!

Things You Will Need

  • Silver tone jewelry
  • Gold test kit for 10k, 14k, and 18k gold
  • Newspaper
  • Gold tone jewelry
  • Testing stone
  • Silver test kit

Step 1

You have to make sure you have enough space to place the newspaper and all your materials on top so you don't make a mess or damage anything around.
The acid is strong so you might damage the table or whatever you place over.
Now lets put the testing stone over the newspaper. Make sure the jewelry is not even close so that the acid doesn't splatter over it and damage it.

Step 2

Okay just letting you know, its alright to do this. For a best results I found out that if you use the edge of the items (gold or silver) was safer. Don't worry that it will leave large scars or anything on the jewelry. As long as you do it with a decent pressure, you should be fine. Just make sure that there is some tiny pieces of gold or silver on the stone. Now comes the acid part. Just drop a dot of acid on the gold or silver on the stone to find out the truth.

Step 3

Be sure to check immediately if there is a change of color. Obviously it will different. It all depends on what are you testing.

For Silver: This is what you need to know. You want the streak to change in the following way: Dark Red is 925 Silver; Brown is 800 Silver and Green is 500 Silver.

For Gold: If you are testing with 14k gold acid but the item is not 14k, it will either disappear, indicating it is less that 14K, or it will not change at all, indicating it is higher that 14K.
I hope these simple steps have guided you through the process. It's easy as 1-2-3 really. Go and get started. Find out if what you have is really Gold or Silver.

Tips & Warnings

Look for how to test gold and silver by filing a grove in the item. I heard that works too.