How to Install Rainmeter and Edit it.


Hello guys,

Im here to teach you how to install and edit some of the rainmeter skin, first thing to do is download the software at the site "I can't give a outside link i think" so you can google it and type "Rainmeter" at the search bar. Then download the final version "2.4 Final (r1678)" download the final version instead of the beta because of some reasons, one is its still a beta software. 

Rainmeter Desktop Sample

Rainmeter Skin

Installing Rainmeter

After downloading the rainmeter software, run the software and just click "Next". You wont have any problem installing rainmeter with a 32 bit P.C., but in a 64 bit P.C. you will need to put a check in "Install 64 bit version" you can see that when you are installing.

Skin of Rainmeter

Costomize Skin

Rainmeter displays customizable skins, like memory and battery power, RSS feeds and weather forecasts, right on your desktop. Many skins are even functional: they can record your notes and to-do lists, launch your favorite applications, and control your media player - all in a clean, unobtrusive interface that you can rearrange and customize to your liking. Rainmeter is at once an application and a toolkit. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity.

You will know when a rainmeter is running in your computer, you will see a raindrop icon at task side bar at lower left.

Rainmeter Icon

Rainmeter Icon

Skin Location

The default skin location is "C:>Users>******>Documents>Rainmeter>Skins", the "*" is your desktop environment name. You can find some rainmeter skin at the forum or in google, some are free. You can still make you own customize desktop, there are some tutorial at rainmeter forum. 

Enabling Skin in Rainmeter

There are ways to enable the skins you downloaded, one is left-clicking the raindrop icon at the bottom and a Manage Rainmeter will pop-out. Here is a sample of me enabling the Enigma skin that i just downloaded from a site. Reminder: Put the skin you downloaded at the default location i just mention earlier. You will just have to click "Load".

Rainmeter Manager

Rainmeter Manager

The other way is right-clicking the raindrop icon at the bottom and it will pop-out a list menu for you to easily browse it. Again, just click it to enable the skin.

Rainmeter Manager(118601)

Editing Rainmeter Skin

Well i cant teach you how to make one but i can teach you how to edit some of the existing skin you have. Only the basic editing in the code. You can edit skin by going to the ".ini" files that you want to edit.

Skin editing in rainmeter

Look at the image "[button1]" is an image that can be executed on a left click action that will direct you to a define site or a target "you can see target by right clicking a desktop icon and click properties". You can ignore the "Meter" and "AntiAlias", you can use the "X", "Y"  for editing the location of your image button. The "H" and "W", height and width of the image, for the "ImageName" its the image location and named m.png because it is set in default folder. Editing the "LeftMouseDownAction=!execute ["Put Here"]" you will have to change "Put Here" the link you want the button to go when clicked. 

The "[Text1]" is the text in the middle, it is not the same with button, because it is separated and just a pure text no hyper link same with the "button1" it has a "X" and "Y" but has a font properties that can be edited. Dont edit this "FontSize=#FontSize#" because it is already set in default, "StringAlign=CENTER" Text alignment, you can change it to right or left. "FontColor=33,173,234" you can change those  font color to your desire, "33,173,234" those are color map, it stands for "Red, Green, Blue". "FontFace=Algerian" Font face is the style of your font that can be change to "Arial to Times New Roman" just browse you MSword or any MS office for the Font Face and Colormap or google it. Last is the "Text="7 THEMES"" You can change the Text to your desire.

To be exact, the whole box is the image with a transparent background and the text is just under the image. (You get what i mean..) 

Rainmeter Tutorial(118612)

Ok thats all, just always remember to refresh skin after editing to you can see the result. Another tip after setting the Rainmeter in your P.C., you can set the rainmeter priority to low by going to task manager "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" the find Rainmeter.exe in processes and right-click it and Set Priority to low.

Thanks for seeing my article.