Stephen Gaskin was probably the pre-eminent metaphysicist of the 60s hippy movement. This is what he had to say.god

"You can't understand God. You can't define God, and you can't contain God.

"But you can, if you don't look at yourself, BE God.

"The way to keep from looking at yourself is to be so busy doing your best that you don't have anything left over to look with.

"You can't know the totality of God with your finite mind, because God is infinite, and your material plane intelligence is finite--it cannot contain an infinite thing. But if you aren't pressing about the totality, and just relax and observe what's in front of you, you know God, because that's all there is to know."

"There is nothing else to know; and the knowledge, the knower, the thing known, and the act of knowing IS ALL ONE and IS ALL GOD.

"You are the eyes with which God looks, and the mind through which God understands itself."

No one of us is any better or any worse than any other, each of us being an individuation of the divine. Each one of us contains a god or goddess in embryo which is waiting to fully manifest as we attain unity consciousness, and learn to transcend fear and manifest total and unconditional love. This is what Jesus was getting at when he said "The kingdom of God is within you."