Photos are beautiful memories that can be saved for a lifetime.  After you print out your photos, store them in a memory box or a photo album to keep them safe.  This sheet of paper will keep your memories safe so you can share them with others for the rest of your life.  To obtain the most perfect photo, you will need to make sure your camera lens is free of any dirt, dust or smudges.

It is very important to clean your camera lens as you don’t want to leave fingerprints when you touch it. It is also important to correctly know how to clean a lens so you don’t leave any smudges or scratches. Even the smallest smudges are very visible on a camera lens and can be seen when you blow up your picture on the computer or print it out.  You can avoid this by taking just a few steps as a precaution.

The first thing you need to do is take the camera lens off of the camera body. Lightly blow through both sides of the lens to remove any loose dust that may be on the lens. There may just be a simple blanket or sweatshirt fuzz that is affecting your photos.  If you keep your camera out in the open often, a simple piece of dust may be sitting on your lens.  During this step it is important to not blow too hard or get too close to the lens. Keep a safe distance as you blow gently into the lens.

The next step in cleaning a camera lens is to put one drop of lens cleaner directly on the lens. Only one drop is all this piece of glass really needs. It is important to remember not to drown the lens with the liquid cleaner. A little bit of cleaning liquid goes a long way. The type of cleaner that you need can be found at any electronic store as it is the same cleaner used to clean many types of electronics.

Now, you will want to use a soft cloth that is made for cleaning a camera lens. Do not use any old rag you have laying around the house as it be dirty or the fibers could be damaging. Rub the lens with your cloth in a circular direction. This will prevent your lens from getting ugly streaks on it. Clean it lightly as too much pressure could damage the glass.

Lastly, fasten your lens back onto your camera body to make sure that dust doesn’t get back inside your camera. Make sure to always put your lens cap back on to keep the lens safe and clean. You can even add on a filter to keep your lens extra secure.

You have now successfully cleaned a camera lens. When you walk with your camera, pointing it downward is very helpful to minimize the amount of dust that enters. Remember to clean your clean your camera lens often, not just when you think its dirty. This will greatly improve the quality of your beautiful photos.