Choosing a web design company to set up your online presence revolves around several factors. To begin with you have to chalk out the objectives of your site. You should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your website. Then go over the audience you wish to target and the content that would be required to retain them on your site. Clearly drafting and defining these points will make it easier for you to communicate this to your developer as well as evaluate the progress of your site. The way knowledge transfer is conducted also plays a key role in the proper development of your website.

Consider the following while selecting a designer:

Methodology: Each web design company has its own approach or tactic to website building. They would have an area of expertise and the process of development would usually revolve around the same. Some companies would specialize in coding and development while some on visual designing and there are companies that specialize in both as well as on internet marketing techniques like SEO, email marketing and much more. So, when you hire a company inquire about the same choose a company that has the right balance of expertise and approach suited for your project.

Content Management System: Your website has to compete with numerous others on the internet. Your site would require to grow and evolve depending upon the market fluctuations and current business trends. That means your website should be designed such that there is ample scope for constant changes and upgrades. There are basically two ways to do so either on your own or you can pay your developer to make these updates.

If you intend on maintaining and updating your website on your own, you would require a suitable Content management system. In this case you would have to choose a CMS that would give you complete control over your site as well as reduce long term costs. You would be able to remove, add or edit pages, change the contents on the page, etc.
If you are paying your developer to do so , then ensure that you have decided on a budget and clarified the requirements with the company.

Search Engine Optimization. Giving your website visibility by indexing it with search engines is SEO. These techniques have to be applied right from the design stage so that search engine spiders locate and index keywords on your site and give you a SERP. SEO is applied at different levels namely coding and programming i.e. website architecture, unique quality content and links to your website. SEO is a competitive technique and requires constant vigil and monitoring of contents and generating quality backlinks.

Cost Factor Website costing can vary over a range of $4,000 – $25,000 on an average for small business web sites depending upon the nature and complexity of the website. Generally you can categorize web sites into eCommerce sites and brochure websites. Though both require extensive planning, designing and content creation along with coding eCommerce websites are more complex. They would require implementation of more features like functionality plugins and applications, more development to organize and manage product pages, ensure secure payment gateways, etc. In short do adequate research and consider these factors before you zero in on a design and development company.