Due to the advantages of holding a degree from a college, universities are popular destinations for those seeking to advance their training and prepare for the future. This is true for those interested in Christian ministry as well, as good training from a seminary or Bible university prepares potential ministers to answer theological issues and deal with interpersonal difficulties on a church staff. Today, Bible colleges are among the top choices for ministerial training. In order to help you choose the right college from among the many different Bible institutes in operation today, keep the following steps in mind.


1. Spend some time searching through the many Bible college websites on the Internet. These will give you a good idea about the options that are out there for study and will provide you with a preliminary list of Bible institutes that you may want to consider.


2. Since they want to attract students who want a degree from a college, universities that specialize in Bible training will often have current students that are willing to answer questions. Asking students that are presently enrolled in a Bible university about their experience can help you make your final decision as to where you should attend. Contact the schools on your list to see if they can put you into contact with Bible college students.


3. Pastors and other Christian leaders are an excellent source of information for those interested in a Bible college. Ask them for their recommendations, as they may know of many Bible institutes that you may not have considered.


4. Faculty quality is important to a good experience in college; universities that have godly, scholarly teachers will do far more for your spiritual development than those schools that do not make scholarship a priority. Try to read some of the books or other literature published by the professors at each Bible college you are considering. This will give you a good sense of the quality of the education that you might receive.


5. Visit the different Bible institutes on your list. Talk to students there, sit down with faculty and staff, and investigate the campus and its facilities. You may be spending several years of your life there, and good Bible colleges will be willing to answer every question that you might have about the school and its various programs. Pay particular attention to the spiritual life on campus, as a good Bible university experience is about more than just the classroom.


6. Most importantly, contact the Bible colleges on your list and try to get a handle on their theological perspective. You are going to want a solidly evangelical Bible university, so look for a school that has a robust doctrine of Scripture. Learning about the theological positions of a Bible university will also prepare you for any difference you might have with its doctrinal stance.


Armed with all this knowledge, you should have no trouble choosing the right Bible college for your needs. Good luck with your studies, and remember that you work unto the Lord while you are in school.