We love freedom. We love the freedom to live the life we want.

We know that we are living in countries that value freedom. However, we do not feel as free as a bird when we are rushing to work.

We feel as if we are still living in slavery. To a certain extent, we are no difference from the slaves. We have to work, and keep on working, even when our bosses insult us, and the salary is too low.

It is either we continue working or we starve.

That is why the idea of financial freedom is so appealing. When we gain financial freedom, we can choose to continue working or quit working.

The problem is that financial freedom is so elusive. How do you gain financial freedom?

1. Get out of debt

The first step to financial freedom is to get out of debt.

The steps to riches are simple. First is to get out of debt. Second is to gain financial freedom. Third is to get rich.

Financial freedom does not mean you are the richest person in the world. It just means you have enough money to live on, so that you can stop worrying about money.

That is why getting out of debt is so important.

When you have paid off all the credit card debt, mortgages, and other debt, you can feel the freedom of living a debt free life.

2. Plan for financial freedom

You need a plan to get rich. You need a strategic plan and a tactical plan.

The strategic plan means you set the goal for your life, such as buying a house, buying a second house for rental, getting a car etc.

A tactical plan deals with the daily expenditure. You need to control every single cent that you have. You need to make sure that every single cent is well spent.

That means you need to think twice about getting a can of soft drink from the vending machine.

Unless you are really dying of thirst, and the can of soft drink from the vending machine is your only hope of survival, you do not really need to spend on that.

3. Change yourself

You need to change yourself and your relationship with money.

Money is an asset. That is what the accounting class teaches us. That is why you should value money.

Since money is an asset, you should think of ways to make money produces more money.

You need to ensure that every dollar you spend will generate more than a dollar in value. If it does not, you should avoid spending the money.

The key to financial freedom is to add on assets, and reduce on liabilities.

4. Save

You need to have a habit of frugality. You need to learn the habit of saving money.

Sometimes, saving money is not just about saving money. It is about saving electricity, saving water, saving on toilet paper, and other consumables.

It does not seem worthwhile to learn to save on toilet papers, until you add up the cost over ten years duration.

5. Health

You know that health is priceless.

The truth is that medical care is not. You need to pay for every service in healthcare sector.

Every single pill costs money. Every single visit to the doctor costs money. You need to think of health in term of dollar value.

Imagine you are hospitalized for two weeks for a surgery. That costs money. You can add up the bills to get the actual cost of the sickness. In addition to the actual cost, you need to consider the loss of income due to two weeks in the hospital.

If the sickness is serious enough for you to quit working, you are looking at the loss of income from quitting the workforce.

That is why you need to stay healthy in order to gain financial freedom.

The doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are rich enough. You do not need to make them even richer.

You must start to eat healthy, and quit the consumption of junk food. You must exercise regularly to keep fit.

6. Insurance

You have to buy enough insurance to cover yourself, your family members and your assets.

You need to know what you need, and what you do not need.

It is best to buy insurance even when the company is covering you and your family members. The time when you need insurance most is when you are unemployed.

If you do not have insurance coverage, you will find that an accident or a major sickness can reduce you to poverty.

7. Education

Education does not mean only formal education.

Education means to continually improve your knowledge, and your character.

When you start working, you should educate yourself on investment knowledge. It is not necessary to know everything about investment.

You need to focus on one form of investment, so that you can build wealth.

If your interest is in real estate, you can educate yourself in real estate investment. You can even take up courses to quality as a housing agent. In this case, you have a chance to widen the network.

You get to know the bankers, the lawyers, the businesspersons, the other real estate agents, the investors, and the people in the area.

You can get rich through real estate investment. All these start from educating yourself.

8. Buy houses

You need to buy at least one house. You have to own your house.

If you have enough money, you can buy another house for rental.

When you stay in a rental house, you are helping others to gain financial freedom. Your monthly rent is paying for the mortgage of the house.

That does not mean you buy house in a market boom. You need to choose the best time to buy house, and that is during a recession.

9. Freedom

The purpose of financial freedom is to enjoy life. You should not forget to have time for yourself and your family members.

It is important not to miss the goal in your quest to get rich.

All these are steps to financial freedom.

Most people go through the same process to gain financial freedom. That does not mean everyone needs to follow the same blue print.

You can exploit your talent to get rich in the most enjoyable way for you.

If starting a business is what you want most of all, you can gain financial freedom when the business booms.