Your living room color scheme basically has to gel well to whatever theme you decide to choose. However, there are a number of other aspects to take into consideration before you start testing out paint samples on the wall. It would be a wise idea to go by the size of the room as well as the actual function. You may want to reserve it for more formal occasions, and therefore your paint choice would be slightly different to a room which is allocated just to the family.

Here are a couple of ideas to go by:

Formal Living Room Colors

Formal living styles are by no means being phased out quite yet. A lot more people use their homes to entertain their clients as well, so furniture needs to be appropriate. The color scheme you use will depend on the space you have, and how restricted you are. If you have ample space, then you would go for darker shades, which give it that professional edge, but it will still be inviting. As a nice contrast, you may want to introduce something white or cream, which will just break it up a bit and create some tranquillity.


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If you are lacking space, then you may want to go for whites or crèmes, with a hint of brown, introducing sophistication.

Contemporary Living Room Colors

This type of room is becoming more and more popular and can be used in a variety of different ways, which is why you have to think about the purpose before you decide on the color scheme. Is this a place for the family to hang out and play games, or is this more a place where you want to entertain guests?

contemporary living room


Once you have established that, you can buy the appropriate gear. Your colors here should not be overpowering, but simply act as accents. You want to be looking for neutrals along the lines of sofas and other seating arrangements, with splashes of color that come from cushions, mirrors, rugs, throws, lamps and of course, contemporary art on the walls.

Family Room Color Ideas

The family room is a place for everyone to gather, and so this must be more comfortable than anything else. Colors can definitely do that for a room. Some colors are so warm and inviting, and those are the ones you want to get hold of.

Of course, there are different types of family rooms. You have to decide if this is something just for your kids and their friends. If that is the case, then you can go a little way out with your colors. However, there are also rooms, which you may want to use for more formal settings as well, and the two would be quite different.

Sometimes you want to combine your family room with your open plan kitchen, so you don't want to go to wild and wacky here. Often, just two colors look good.

Usually you will have at least one bright chair or a couple of red and blue cushions on the sofa. Creative wall art is also something different to have in a family room, co-ordinating your colors well.

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What about Small Living Room Colors?

Here, you should stick with lighter colors, like pastels and various shades of white. You can also throw in a bright color to change it up somewhere along the line. This can come in the form of a rug or a couple of cushions, but don’t go for a space that is too large. The walls should be kept light.

small living room

You may want to think of mixing your texture up, and using lines within the color also will create space. If you are using wooden floors, then don’t go too dark. The cottage look will work very well here, because they always include cool colors. If you imagine a beach house, then you will be thinking of the right colors for a small living room.

The Cozy Look and Feel with living room color combinations

For someone who is used to the minimalistic theme, they will most probably find this particular theme rather cluttered. However, this is suited to certain people. You want to look for warm colors, like red, orange and yellow, which you can use with both big elements like the sofa as well as accessories. 

The theme can be formed by the color combinations that you use.  If you have accents of something cool in the background, then it can add to more of a modern look, but you can also be more traditional with this look as well.

Making Sure Your Colors Co-ordinate

Every time you add something new, you have to make sure that it fits in and that your colors all fit together well. A basic way of staying on the safe side, ensuring you have the best living room colors, would be to get hold of a color wheel.

For people not familiar with this method, the wheel consists of 12 segments, divided up into primary colors and secondary colors, along with colors which result from being combined with the primaries and secondary colors.

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You can work off one color, with shades and tones relating to that particular scheme. You can pick three different colors next to each other on the wheel, or you can decide to choose segments that are opposite each other. An example of this would be pink and purple. If you do choose something bright like this, then you have to go along with a neutral as well, which will act as a way that breaks the color, and will basically soften it.

Living room color paint ideas

Here, again it comes down to functionality as well as the mood. Some people may want paint their room walls pink, but this may not suit the rest of the family. To introduce a feeling of nature, for example you would use a pastel color. In most cases, you will want to use something neutral and especially where you are working with a small space – then it safe to stick to white.